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Long-term effects of PE

Long-term effects of PE

Hey guys, this is my first post =)

Iv been doing some Reading and iv found out some of the stuff I wanted to know, but some questions I didn’t feel I got an answer to, like this one: what are the long-term effects of PE?

I mean after reading about the newbie. Routine I thought about what will happen to my penis after a couple of years of this?
The pressure you put on your penis, is this totally safe?

And what happens years after your gains? Is there any chance of impotence or something similar?

Anyway I’m asking you guys, cause some of you have been doing this for some time and have alot more knowledge about this than I have. Have anyone of you gone to a doctor and asked him about this? I mean if PE I possible without any serious risk, why haven’t I heard of it before? Wouldn’t every guy try to enlarge his penis since it is a status symbol just like a Ferrari a good looking girlfriend and such.

OK lets say iv been for a year and I gained some, then I cement the gain..
Could anything happen after, say 20 years after cementing

I hope someone that has been to a doctor could answer some of these questions or someone that has been doing it for a long time, but any input on this will be much appreciated =)

I’ve, not iv, please metallica.

Welcome to the forum.

We are not sure what happens 20 years after PE, we haven’t got there yet. As to why you haven’t heard of it, that is more than likely something on your side. PE has been around more than a couple of years.

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Do you think Thunders has all those members if PE isn’t save. When you follow the newbie routine for the following 3 months and read a lot of threads there there isn’t much risk. Than you can make your personal routine because your penis is conditioned enough for advanced exercises. The only risk are you. When you go overboard you could injure yourself. Learn from the vets to prevent that.

To have success with PE determination and persistence are very important. Unfortunately not everyone has that, or enough to keep doing PE. Another reason many guys don’t do PE is because they don’t know it exists.

There are doctors on this board that know PE works. The rest of them don’t know, so they will tell you it is BS. Browse around here for a few days, then decide for yourself.


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