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Long-term consequences of PE; are there any

Long-term consequences of PE; are there any

This post is not to try and discredit the exercises and tools to enlarge a penis in length and circumference.

I am not doing the following:

1) Saying that PE does not increase length or girth of a penis.

2) Asking for people to provide proof or trying to discredit the proof that has been provided.

3) Wondering if you care that I try PE or not

4) Trying to start a debate on anything besides the topic of this thread

Okay, so here’s my worry: Are there long-term consequences to PE, in terms of loss of strength of erection and complete erectile dysfunction into old age? To clarify: I am 22. If I start doing PE now and see considerable girth gains (that’s what I want, not length), will this be something that negatively affects my sexual performance and life when I get older? When I enter the realm of old age, when most men who suffer from ED problems will begin to deal with them, will I be worse off than if I had not done jelqing and stretching in the first place?

Which leads me to a more serious question: if there is no evidence or study to show that in 20 years (for example) that a person who performs these exercises will NOT cause ED problems by that time, why is everyone so comfortable performing them?

The penis is different from the rest of our muscles, so I have read here and on other websites and sources. Some people compare it to the bladder (the smooth muscle rebuttal) in that when the bladder stretches it becomes weaker, which worries me when thinking about how filling the penis with a lot of blood may also weaken it. Some of you say this is nonsense, and I fail to see the specific evidence for your statement that it is such. I think the general lack of knowledge surrounding jelqing is cause to wait before subjecting yourself to what could be a potentially life-altering activity for the worse. There is too little information that’s been gathered to go headlong into this thinking, “I’ve gained some girth and length, that’s all that matters!” What about in a decade? What if your dick can’t keep up anymore because of what you put it through ten years ago?

I’m not a scientist and I’m surely less knowledgeable than a good bit of the people on this forum who are regulars. But I always think of the potential consequences, and my strength is that I’m not blinded by the more immediate results and thus can honestly question if what I’m doing is what I should be doing.

Well all the science we have on this is speculation since it is not well studied. The best you’re going to get here is personal experience and educated guesses.

I’ve been at this less than a year, but in that time I’ve had no ill effects in terms of ED or EQ. Anecdotally from everything I’ve read here, PE in moderation over the long term seems to aid erectile health going into old age. There are accounts from older guys here who had ED in some form that was improved by beginning a PE regimen. Urologists prescribe pumping as an ED treatment. I’d also be interested to hear what some of the long term vets have to say on that.

What we do know for sure is that in the short term all the way up to 10-20 years of experience, people don’t seem to experience any more ED or EQ problems than they normally would for their age. Which to me is enough data to say that there probably aren’t going to be any problems if you zoom out another 10-20 years beyond that.

Other potential effects you may or may not know about as a newbie: excess skin, turkey neck, change in erection angle, change in overall shape (baseball bat, traffic cone), discoloration, and various injuries. A lot of those can be avoided or mitigated if you practice good form, avoid high risk exercises, and realize that this is a marathon and not a sprint. People who run into ED or EQ problems from PE tend to have drastically overdone some exercise in their quest for gains, or they are a part of a very small fraction of guys who for whatever reason do not have good effects from PE, and they can recognize this early on - their dicks just aren’t made for it. Or it a temporary loss of EQ which will resolve itself in a few days of rest.

I’m not a scientist either, and there are others here that know way more about the anatomy of ED than I do, but to me the question really comes down to: is PE bad for the penile vascular system. To me, all the other tissues logically would pose no contribution to ED over the long term: they will all adapt and do their job. The question is always, is there a healthy blood supply coming in, and is it blocked on the way out.

Another thing to consider: as you age, your sex drive and libido will naturally decrease. Not to say that your sex life after 50 or 60 is less important, but the fact of the matter is that whether or not you get ED, you will blow the vast majority of your loads in life before you get old and gray. Your strongest erections and orgasms will be at younger ages regardless. The quality and quantity is best while we’re young whether we PE or not. Once you turn 30 the whole damn machine starts falling apart bit by bit.

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Hmm. I’m 52 and I’ve some of my strongest erections and orgasms in the last year due, in no small part to PE, and to my wonderful sexy and energetic wife.

My experience has been that PE has done nothing but improve my dick health and function in the past three and a half years I’ve been here.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

If you overdo it yes but in my experience long term can last up to a year or so. I have never been unable to recover with enough time and I have overdone it a few times.

Originally Posted by Ekans1dekan
The penis is different from the rest of our muscles, so I have read here and on other websites and sources. Some people compare it to the bladder (the smooth muscle rebuttal) in that when the bladder stretches it becomes weaker, which worries me when thinking about how filling the penis with a lot of blood may also weaken it.

If so, wouldn’t that happen well before 20 years after you started PE? Carrying more blood to the penis is actually what can help to preserve the functionality of the penis. Is there any studies that proofs that PE isn’t going to cause ED? No. Is there any study on PE at all? No. There are short term studies on some devices like vacuum pumps or extenders, but not long term studies and not on something more structured like a true PE routine.

After having read many, many posts on this subject, I will give you a not scientific advice : if you fear that PE can harm you, forget PE.

I found this for any Google wanderers who are looking for someone that may know what they’re talking about in regards to the science of the penis and as a pathway to more information:…ement-exercises

Do you guys think this Dr. Richard Howard II guy is full of it? He’s definitely trying to make money off of PE, but I mean I can’t blame him for that. I’m downloading the book that he co-authored so I can take a look at it and decide if it seems like a load of crap or not.

“Once you turn 30 the whole damn machine starts falling apart bit by bit”

Hmm, I beg to differ. If one performs maintenance on the machine then said machine can perform at a competitive level for the life of the machine. My view point is that we are designed to respond and adapt to any stress presented to us and if given a proper foundation like nutrition etc, that we can perform well into supposed old age.

I personally have noticed a difference after 30 like you said but was able to compensate through diet alone. It seems in my case I was able to eat shit for only so long before repercussions.

To the op, I started PE in my early thirties and with the exception of rare EQ drops (due to over zealousness, but none lately) and two minor injuries and cosmetic discoloration have seen only positive results overall. My erections have returned to a 20 something state but with larger size and more control. Honestly I think I would trade that now for a time when I am able to use them to the fullest versus having continued erections at a time when I may not even want them or want to use them on what is available to me.

At any rate, you yourself will need to make this decision to embark on the PE journey of self improvement and more importantly, self discovery. Best of luck.

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Death is real, it comes without warning and it cannot be escaped, therefore, Penis Enlargement

You have to start doing maintenance on things that start falling apart. That’s practically the definition of the word maintenance.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

I’m not sure who or what organization could provide credible information about the long term effects of something that hasn’t even been acknowledged to exist by the scientific or medical communities, or even society at large.

What you’re asking for usually requires some organized sanctioned study, and also for long term effects, obviously a really long time. I suppose even if you could find someone around that’s done PE for 50 years, you’d still need a few hundred of them, and also the detailed logs of controlled routines they all did for those 50 years. Then you’d need other groups of people that did not do PE for 50 years, or that did other types of PE for 50 years Then you’d have to identify any and all penis related issues in the elderly and then make some case to attribute which if any of the issues could be directly attributable to PE.

I don’t see how it would even be possible today to provide any of that, it doesn’t exist and no one is even in the process of capturing that information. at the moment so that one day it even could exist.

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