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Long standing Jelqing injury need advice


Long standing Jelqing injury need advice


This is my first post here, and I’m just after some advice from anybody with experience or knowledge in treating this sort of thing.

I injured myself badly while jelqing back in July and I still have not recovered. I did maybe 2-3 flaccid Jelq sessions over 2 weeks (40-80 reps per session) with some other PE in between. I didn’t notice any significant pain during the sessions, and only began to notice something was wrong a couple days after cessation of PE, which I did due to a suspicion that I may be hurting myself. (Too little too late)

Now my penis just feels all wrong and its so depressing. Erections now are difficult to achieve, and while its up which precum oozes out profusely and when the precum tank (or whatever) is drained of its fluids my erection dies, like I’ve already ejaculated ( all within a minute or two) and my pants are sticky with it. I also have acquired some severe (like instantaneous) premature ejaculation. Sexual activity is destroyed in other words. I get dull aches and draining/numb feelings in my penis that varies throughout the day. I also have some pelvic floor tightness which has subsided somewhat over the months. I have tried Viagra which helps it stay up but the PE still renders me basically useless, except perhaps for procreation solely..

My sex drive is almost completely gone also. Life has been turned upside down due to my stupidity. I really wish I’d researched the dangers of PE before rushing into it, I probably would never have done it, or at least treated it with some respect. I was too thrilled by the prospect to stop and consider.. I never would have imagined this situation. It didn’t even hurt.. I have a girl that loves me and refuses to leave me even though I tell her to, which is really the only thing keeping me going.

I went to a mens health physiotherapist who believes I have done damage to the pudendal nerve. This has to be nerve damage of some kind for sure. I read the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for erections and holds off ejaculation while the sympathetic nerves initiate ejaculation. So I suspect the parasympathetic fibres are damaged. I have most of my sensation still I believe, although stimulation doesn’t feel pleasurable like it did before. I don’t get that nice feeling you get when you press your erection when you wake up in the morning. It just feels all wrong. Man having a working penis is great.

Anyhow my main question for anyone who may know is this. Is there any way to reliably test for nerve damage to the penis? I mean I could go get a referral to a neurologist but I want to know if its worth the time, money and embarrassment before going along with it all. I have heard of EMG’s being not that reliable so I’d just like to hear it from someone who may have done it or knows someone who has..


To do this kind of damage, you must have been using some really strong force. I mean force that felt like you were going to pull your penis off.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Would you mind sharing more specific details about your technique? There is no way this kind of damage could have been done without overtraining of some sort. Jelqs aren’t supposed to be like squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube, they are supposed to be gentle enough to induce some pressure, while remaining gentle (all force levels depend on conditioning).

With more details, maybe some people can help.

Problem solving with fire.

Did you go see a doctor at all?

Jelqing, the motion is similar to many styles of masturbating strokes. Most men get erect while doing them. That’s how similar it is by nature. So it’s incredible to try and wrap my head around the level of nerve and tissue damage you did unless you literally had a death grip on your penis.

The level of damage you describe would be done with a grip far tighter than jelqing requires. I mean literally, you would have to crank your hand around your penis as hard as you could until you went numb and pull as hard as you could, until you felt like you would pull the head of your penis off. Which would hurt an incredible amount.

No description of jelqing anywhere suggests a grip so tight that you would hurt yourself and unless you’ve never masturbated before, you know how tightly to grip your penis to manipulate it. I just don’t understand this injury.

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Personally, I don’t believe this is caused by jelqing unless you put a death grip on your penis. You had no pain while jelqing which suggests you were easy enough. You mentioned pelvic floor tightness so that is the area of concern I think you should be investigating. I doubt very seriously that you have damaged the pudendal nerve regardless of what your physiotherapist thinks.

Include more detailed information and those of us here who have experienced this kind of problem will try to help you find a solution. In the meantime, seek out an actual MD (Urologist) and get a medical opinion.

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Completely stop pe and see the dr. But when I seriously injured myself yearso ago with the jelq device wasn’t much they could do. I just had to wait until it healed which took about a year. I was squeezing way too hard doing ulis with the device. It not only hurt to get erections but it also hurt even more after I had an orgasm. But it eventually healed and I’m glad it did. At the time I didn’t know about PIs and everything I was just doing the exercises as hard as I could thinking it would increase growth. But now I take the safe route by following PIs and everything is great. I don’t try to squeeze the life out of my penis or stretch with full force. I simply pull hard enough to reach max stretch length and I hold for 30 seconds.

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Well I was doing them flaccid so I may have squeezed harder to compensate, I used lube, I was in the shower. No I wasn’t in pain, or almost pulling the thing off from memory and no I didn’t feel numb or anything while doing it. Perhaps I’m just weaker down there or something. I also did one handed jelq’s by mistake the last time I did it, meaning I would have stretched the tissue behind the scrotum area also. I think this session was the nail in the coffin. I recall the skin where the hair is stretching out along my shaft as I did the motions. I had strong pelvic floor pain for about a month prior. Like I couldn’t sit still. All the symptoms of pudendal nerve entrapment. And what is strangest thing of all to me is the fact that I could still get good throbbing erections for a few day afterwards. Man I miss those. I have read of ‘apoptosis’ after prostate surgery, where nerve cells commit suicide after nerve injury in the weeks post surgical injury. Anyway it has happened now. I feel really stupid and despair of life. The worst part is the loss of sex drive. I think when you can’t get hard you don’t get horny or there may be some direct link between the nerves down there and the brain that makes you feel that way. Women look less attractive, and their beauty doesn’t excite anymore. And my girl is amazingly beautiful. It kills me.

I would go to a urologist, but other posters have said it was useless and they could do nothing anyway.

Well if you don’t want to visit a doctor then you may be out of luck. I don’t think anyone other than a qualified professional can treat issues with nerves.

And no I haven’t seen any kind of doctor, only a mens health physio. Maybe ill book an appointment in with one soon.

I don’t know much about nerves but it just sounds like something a doctor should look at. Good luck and hang in there.

But what treatment can MD’s/Uro’s do for nerve issues anyway? I know of none.

“I had strong pelvic floor pain for about a month prior” (post*)

This is why you go to a doctor. They can tell you what’s damaged and what can be done. That’s the only thing you can do is seek help, options and hope.

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You could try taking acetyl l carnitine which has been demonstrated to promote the release of nerve growth factor, and has been used, and studied with positive results to treat many forms of neuropathy. Also… see a specialist.

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