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Long Plane Ride to Asia.

Long Plane Ride to Asia.

In a couple of days I’m off to Asia for a little vacation and I was shocked when I heard it takes around 15-18 hours to get there. At first I wondered what am I going to do for the whole plane ride? I can’t just sleep for 18 hours and just sit there and watch crappy movies and not do anything I figured why not PE on the plane?

It sounded like a good idea but I don’t know what kind of exercises I could do without bringing any attention to myself by traveling to the lavatory every 10 minutes.does anyone know if there are ways to PE without making it obvious on the plane?

This sounds like a bad idea. Maybe you can squeeze in a couple of jelqing sessions in the bathroom, but I wouldn’t do much more. PE works over time, and marathon sessions sometimes do more harm than good.

Bring a good book, and don’t forget to get one of those neck supports, without which sleeping on a plane is next to impossible.

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Yup its that long to fly to asia or from it, longer if you have stop overs, and the farther you are from Japan. My trip from Thailand to Virginia with stopovers was about 24 hours. Usually you’ll barely have time to go to lavatory as others will be waiting especially right after a meal. The entertainment is alot better these days, radio, selectable movies, video games, as well as the trip progress maps. I remember flying when all they had was an overhead projector that played a set movie, no choices, as well as earphones that were tubes and didn’t use any electrical signals. Imagine how bad it was then!

My trip to Africa was longer with more stops… not as much entertainment due to the more economical planes used to fly into Africa. I finished a whole book on that trip with time to spare. Personally I’m sick of flying, I wish that someday I will only fly Business class or better. Economy class is just so cramped for me. Might I ask where in asia you are going NeedBiggerPenis, what airline? I’ve flown alot, so after this experience you might know how I feel about flying :)

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Maybe you could wear loose fitting pants and do fowfers (sit on your dick). The tucking would take some finesse. When you think you have a little bit of privacy, push your penis down between your thighs as you reach around with the other hand, grab the penis, and pull it back and under, or between, your butt cheeks.

However, you should not put your dick between your butt cheeks if you think there’s any chance you’ll get a blow job from that hot seat neighbor you’ve been chatting up since JFK.

Modesto Man: yea I was thinking about doing some jelqing sessions in the bathroom.but the max time I could get out in the bathroom is like 5 min. Yea I don’t want to PE for 18 hours straight but at least have reasonably good sessions during the flight. Thanks for the advice.

SiamGuy: I’m actually going to Taiwan and I’m not sure if there are any stops in between the flight. And I’m taking china airlines for the plane ride.

Ike: Yeah that sounds like a pretty good idea but not ideal if I’m sitting in the middle seat between two strangers lol.

I started PEing like 5months ago and started to use a cable clamp, so I was thinking I could clamp in the bathroom but not clamp too hard or put too much pressure on my penis, but enough pressure to give my penis a good girth stretch and after 20 min.I could go back to the lavatory and take it off.anyone disagree with this idea?

The only thing I can think of that won’t draw attention is using the ADS routine for short periods(not the whole flight) and varying your kegel workout in your 18 hrs of spare time, while you are concious on the plane.

If you do the Gulfstream thing you could also join the “mile-high” club if there is a sexy stewardess on board.

Even work on the foot-fetish angle……

Otherwise, you don’t want to cause an International Incident causing the flight to be diverted due to suspected “Terrorist Activities”.

Sit there and work problems from your college Calculus book. Will stimulate dead brain cells and do you some good.

Just do a bunch of kegels between naps, and you’ll have a crazy-hard erections on your trip.

Or.. Watch movies and sleep.

Yea I should definitely do sets of kegels while on the plane.I might do some minor clamping as well

Fowfers sound good, put it between your legs ahd push it back some, then act like your shirts messed up in the back (if you tuck it in) or it’s itchy (your back not the shirt) :)

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