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Long distance relationships and PE

Long distance relationships and PE

So I’ve been in a long distance relationship for a while now and started PE a few months after because I always wanted to. It was great when I was at home and had time but winter break killed my routine as I spent all my time with her. I’m trying to start back up and get to where I was with results and routine. Does anyone have a similar situation or some advice to help keep me on track when she’s back for spring and summer?

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I was in a similar situation for my winter break, although for different reasons (missing privacy when visiting relatives).
So I had asked more or less the same question here: Year end stress: a call for help!

Viking’s answer helped me quite a bit.

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I think you just have to do stretches while in the shower and bathroom when you have time.

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Sounds like you and I are in a similar situation. I too am long distance and was unable to dedicate much time to PE over the break (I however decided to take a break). Bennet8, a member here, achieved amazing results with what I call “toilet tugs,” I forgot what he may have called them. But like a unit said, every time you go to the bathroom, stretch your penis for a bit. If nothing else this will keep your flaccid hanging low which is always a positive.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Thanks for all the help and good advice. In the shower isn’t really an option because when I said I spend all my time with her I meant that too. Piss pulls could really work out I figured it wouldn’t be worth it but when thinking over the course of a day it does add up.

Start: NBPEL- 5.25 BPEL- 5.75

Goal: NBPEL- 6.5

Long term goal: whenever my girlfriend starts to say ouch.

Piss pulls and jelqing. I do 50 jelqs almost every time I piss at work. So it takes 5 minutes. You do need a break too. Whether at work or with a woman. 5 min. to catch your breath and work your meat!

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