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Long and skinny or average and fat?


Long and skinny or average and fat?

Would most females prefer longer and skinny or a average 6 to 6 1/2 with a girth of atleast 5 1/2?

I know they all probaly like a 7 1/2 or 8x6

Just wondering 5x5

Given only those two choices, the vast majority of women would choose the 6 to 6.5 L x 5.5 G.

I’m sorry 5x5, but could you rephrase the question?

When you say long and skinny, give us an example.

Will check back when the question gets rephrased.


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Let’s say and 9 x 4 or a 6 x 5.5

I’m just guessing, seeing how 9 is long and 4 is skinny in my opinion.

yes skinny being 7-9” but only like 4 or 4 1/2 in girth…..sorry guys for not being more clear


I vote average length by big girth, since that’s what I have :)

I’ve actually asked 3 or 4 girls this type of question. Three of the four said it’s all about girth as long as you can have sex in most positions (which is about average length I’d say). The fourth said she wanted BOTH haha

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It should be a debate between a 9x4 and a 6x6 because they both have the same area!

*Does quick math*

They both occupy 36 inches squared.

ITs a known fact chicks love fat dicks they would much have a short thick one that a lone skinny one. Some have compared long skinny penises to being poked by a needle.

The 6” in length might not be that impressive but when you start spreading her walls with 6” in girth she will love you forever.

I been around girls in high school that laughed at some guys because they were long as hell but skinny as a pencil.


"What You Are And What You Want To Be Is What You Do"


Dute is right. I think most women are not interested in a pencil dick, but something that is going to stretch them open. Besides, the g-spot is only a couple of inches inside the pussy.

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What if its a 7 X 5 or 7.5 X 5 or a 6 X 5.5 or 6.5 X 5.75?

Fat is where its at.

Like Nicole Richey said when asked about penis size, “thin is not in”.

Horny Bastard


Those would be in the fat area when I say skinny I mean like around 4 ” girth.

There is really no debate: women prefer girth. Most of their nerves are near the surface, the g-spot is 2 inches inside on the front wall, etc. Too bad, because I have more length than girth!

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I’ve seen this discussed at women-only forums, and there is a definite female preference for girth over length, just as long as the length isn’t too short. The women posting here at Thunder’s also seem to concur.


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