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Long and skinny or average and fat?

Originally Posted by FrenumFellow
I’ve seen this discussed at women-only forums, and there is a definite female preference for girth over length, just as long as the length isn’t too short. The women posting here at Thunder’s also seem to concur.


How do I get to some of these women only forums?


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I heard a saying once “Long and thin may go in, but short and thick does the trick!”

I say long (9”) and 4.5 girth. Thank god for clamping.

9x4 vs. 6x6 is a silly debate because neither size is common.

Commonness has nothing to do with the question.

Horny Bastard

9x4 would give a person the flexibility to do multiple positions, and the 6x6 would get the job done faster.

If I had to choose, I would pick the 6x6 (knock on wood, no pun intended). I remember seeing a porno where the guy had some amazing girth, and the female he was with had a nice juicy bubble butt. The female was talking trash at first, saying that she would be able to handle it because it wasn’t that long. Little by little the penis started to grow thicker and thicker as she was giving him oral sex; she could barely get her mouth around it. He proceeded to give it to her doggy style, and she started having multiple orgasms. I learned something that day, and I think she did too.

I still want a 10 incher because that’s my personal goal. Whether or not it’ll get the job done for a woman isn’t really the purpose of me trying to get it, but that’s another topic for another day. :D

Originally Posted by Springer240
It should be a debate between a 9x4 and a 6x6 because they both have the same area!

*Does quick math*

They both occupy 36 inches squared.

Hmmm. Why surface area?

Larger surface areas cause greater friction, whereas larger volumes tend to fill things up, which is to my knowledge what we are talking about.

A 9x4 cylinder has more or less the same volume as a 6x4.9 cylinder.

6x6 is volumetrically much greater than 9x4, so it’s no contest.

The debate of whether surface area or volume is the better indicator of size is discussed in this thread

I think surface area is a better measurement than volume.

To quote myself from that thread:

Originally Posted by mravg

volume measurement overstates the growth increase by measuring what is below the surface, which isn’t important. In other words, if you were going to stick a beer bottle into a woman, it wouldn’t matter if the bottle was full or empty, it is only the outer surface she feels.

If you grow from 6x4.5 to 6x5.5, your volume increase is 50% while your surface area increases 22%. Intuitively, I think you would say that the difference between these 2 dicks visually, would be closer to 20% and NOT that the 6x5.5 is 50% more dick than the 6x4.5.

The problem with volume in my opinion is that it overemphasizes girth compared to length, because in the volume formula is V=pi*R squared* L, so that an increase in length would result in a proportional increase in volume, but an increase in girth results in an exponential increase in volume, proportional to the radius SQUARED. So small changes in girth make big changes in volume. The formula for surface area is: A=2*pi*R*L, so that volume goes up the same amount for the same incremental increase in either length or girth.

That is my opinion, but I know a lot of guys like the volume measurement. I think they like it, in part, because they can say things like “I doubled my volume!”, but to me doubling volume does not mean your dick is twice as big.

Horny Bastard

This would have been a question if it was long and skinny or Short and fat. It would make it a more difficult question to answer.

In my experience almost all women prefer a thick one to a long one

Thanks for all the replies ….seems to be that girth probaly makes the biggest difference.
Although lenth may have a more visual impact.


^ Good summary.

Yesterday, out of the blue, my wife and I were talking about one of our friends, Terri, who I think is really sexy, and she just says, “You are Terri’s type because she told me she likes them medium but thick.”

Today I have a serious jelk/clamp session scheduled.

Horny Bastard

What if you try to enter from behind or beside? Give me more length, so 6x4 is OK by then!

The girls that have been around, they’ll pick average length and thinker in girth.


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