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Logging first real girth gain- unmistakable

Logging first real girth gain- unmistakable

After 2 months of basic 3 times a week newbie routines thought I’d get a measurement to see where I was at for my starting point.

With an average erection came in around 6.25 to 6.5 bone pressed give or take and 5 ” girth. The girth measurement kind of irritated me because I thought I definitely could have measured it tighter and gotten 4 7/8 or even 4 3/4. Oh well, I figured I’d round up, it was definitely 5 so hell with it.

Fast forward 2 months of newbie stuff plus Kegels ( so now we are at 4 months total work), plus light light light clamping -

Wait for it..

5.2 EG mid shaft easy, snugly measured. The penis was looking fuller and there was no doubt we had real, bona fide gains. Certainly we have better EQ overall, but this wasn’t just a particularly good measurement or anything - the dick was bigger.

For example, when I do my 20-30 minutes post training in ice tub, your penis gets as small as it can get. This is where the gains were obvious. The penis in its smallest state, HAD MORE MASS. Can’t say it any other way.

I’m sold.

Congratulations for your gains newblood! I wonder what would be light light light clamping?

Yep, it works!

Originally Posted by simplegain
Congratulations for your gains newblood! I wonder what would be light light light clamping?

Id say three times a week for 5-8 minutes. Enough to get the sucker pumped up, kegel a little, stimulate a little, build some internal pressure, and plenty of recovery. That was my key I think, not overdoing it. I feel like I have been walking around with a chubby for 4 months.

Also, I’m 38 so I have to build my androgen’s in the penis by reducing ejaculations per week. Dick feels crazy strong at all times. Its kinda fun in a way. When I ejaculate my dick feels zonked for 2-3 days.

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