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Locker Room Guy


Locker Room Guy

Today after my cardio work out I was in the locker room next to a guy who was getting ready to go for a swim. He was a regular, unassuming guy of average height and weight. He was changing and I noticed he had this massive flaccid just hanging there about five and a half inches and quite thick. I felt frustrated and inadequate. Driving home I was just thinking that there are so many guys walking around that are huge and they have such an advantage, I was ticked off for about an hour or so. What do you guys do when something like this happens?

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There is always going to be someone that is bigger so there is no reason to get riled up over it. I have never understood that. In fact you should turn that around and use it as motivation for your pe efforts in the hopes to achieve that as well some day (if that does happen to be a goal of yours).

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Use at as motivation

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Doesn’t mean much. I’m 5 inch flaccid started at about 3 and half. I figure I am almost 7bp but only right at 6nbp so it’s just the shower-grower thing. Now for first impressions or locker rooms it might be ok. But, all in all not a big deal. For some it’s an ego thing.

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Flaccid is not an indication of erected length a guy with a three inches really flaccid can get it up to 7 and I know it because it is my dick what I am talking about LOL!

So, your day must be ruined every time you pull up to a traffic light and the Guy next to you has a nicer car.

I don’t get being so upset over something that another has and you don’t.

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I am as well jealous of those guys who are packing huge flaccid. I’ve got one friend who’s flaccid is atleast 6 inches in length and I’m dying to wanna know how big does he get when erected..

I myself got a really small flaccid especially after sports and it makes me feel inadequate despite of that my erect length is over 7 inches. Every female whom I’ve been with have told it’s pretty big according to their standards when erected. It helps a bit but now enough. It’s just that more people will see me with my flaccid than my erect dick.

In here Finland we’ve got this culture of going sauna especially at summer and after that to swim to the lake. In sauna’s there’s girls and boys mixed sometimes and I’m usually pretty ashamed of my small flaccid dick. It makes me feel that I would like to tell everyone that my dick is an ultimate grower and maybe even show people what it looks like when erected, but everybody knows that it would be really fucking weird if I did that :D

Damn it’s annoying to be grower!

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I’m with both jaylough and richardfitswell, ironically. I can get myself in a down on my dick mood very quickly when stuff like that happens, or if there are too many size queen type comments in a row. Ironically they can happen multiple times a day when I’m sensitive to it. I then get into some philosophical circle about how fucked up our society is on the matter of dick size, which rolls into how fucked up society’s opinions are about everything else that’s a false metric of someone’s personal worth: how much money they have, how big/expensive their car is, what their job is et cetera. Which then gets me thinking about how much I couldn’t care less about society’s fucked up attitude on those things but have a hard time getting over their position on dick size. It’s sort of a mystery why but the gist is that I’m content with where I am on those other things and I don’t judge myself against what society, or the person next to me, thinks about my smallish house, my cheap car, my “boring” job, et cetera. The reason why is because I’m happy with them. I have a hard time saying the same thing about my sexual prowess.

That’s why PE is not just about how big your dick is. To me the acronym PE doesn’t stand for “penis enlargement” it stands for “penis enhancement” instead. It’s about maximizing whatever size your dick is capable of without taking on too much risk of damage, or turning it into a frankencock. It’s also about improving erectile quality and orgasm control. Lastly in the end it’s all about pleasing your lover so having the ability to use your dick with confidence that you can do it. That last part is the hardest part because it actually drives everything before it, especially since erectile quality the effective size when you are having sex. Sadly this is also the part that there really isn’t a good routine for. When I get in a really “down on my dick” mood from something like that my EQ will be as bad that I have ED. Even when I’m in a decent mood about my equipment I still can psyche myself out. I most definitely have psychological induced ED but, just like the PE sites, most of the ED websites talk about dealing with the physical side of ED.

I would suggest that you work your way through the fact you don’t like your own dick. You have a good hard size according to your stats. Enjoy that fact. If you get content with what you have, regardless of whether it grows even a millimeter from PE, then you won’t have that happen again. I would love to tell you how to get there, but I’m on the journey myself.

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I just avoid getting changed next to my friend Gary, because he’s got an 8”x6” flaccid and has had since we were teenagers! And he’s 5’6” tall, which makes it look even bigger. ;)

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Like skeebo and richardfitswell said, you have to accpect the fact someone will have something that you don’t have. Anyway he might be a shower.

Flacid is a funny thing IMO, my flacid varies alot depending on what i am doing. On a normal day am about 3” x 4.5” NBP, but after doing PE am about 3.5” - 4.5” x 5” NBP throughout most of the day. However going to the gym is a different story, i end up being 1” - 1.5” x 3.5” NBP after a long session.

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It’s funny because I don’t really get upset when I see a guy who is richer than me or has a nicer car or something like that. Maybe because I have never been truly broke. And I am certainly comfortable and confident with my physical appearance and my personality (not to say I don’t have days where I doubt myself). I don’t really envy other guys for anything else besides having a larger than average penis. I feel like if I had something an inch or two bigger I would have l like a secret weapon that would make sex with me more desirable for women, more intense, more options in terms of positions, etc.

Starting size: 6.5 BPEL 5.1 MSEG

Goal size: 7.6 BPEL 5.6 MSEG

Originally Posted by jaylough
I feel like if I had something an inch or two bigger I would have l like a secret weapon that would make sex with me more desirable for women, more intense, more options in terms of positions, etc.

I used to feel that way. “If only I had another inch.” We have similar stats and I give women multiple VAGINAL orgasms, I hit the A-spot the G spot. You don’t need that extra inch. Sure it would be nice, but you can operate just fine without it. Although I will qualify my experience by saying these women have been anatomically compatible with me. I firmly believe there are women who require larger sizes to do the things I said, but not all do. In fact, a large percentage don’t.

This reminds me of my friend that I have know since we were kids. I remember that we were around the same size in the beginning of teenage age. Then after the age of 16 we saw again when we were 19. We went to sauna and swimming in the river.

My friend’s flaccid has become something huge in the 3 years since I saw him. I don’t know if he did PE or not, but it sure looked like it. I would guess he was maybe 6-6.5x5-5.5” flaccid. The crazy thing is, that when we went to swim (naked of course), the water was little cold. My flaccid shrinks to something ridiculous.

When we got out of the river my flaccid was maybe 2-3” and his snake was still at least 6”. I wonder how he does not turtle at all. Maybe showers are like that, they just won’t turtle?

These giant flaccid sightings are really quite rare, but the impact they have on our minds gets grossly distorted. I can vividly recall a guy I used to see at my local gym some 30 years ago, and the mental image of his monster flaccid still makes me feel so jealous. He was the talk of the locker room and I try to console myself with the thought that there must be other guys from that gym still stuck with the same feelings as me.


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