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Little red veins

Little red veins

Hey guys

Is there any way to get ride of the little red veins?

I had a injury a year ago after overworking my penis with erect jelqs. I recovered from my ED, but I still have a lot of little veins who turn really red if I masturbate or have sex since my injury. Because those veins are very little, it looks like all my penis is turning red.

I use that EVO mixture and some cold/hot treatment. It helped me in the first few months of recovery,especially for my ED, but doesn’t seems to do anything now.

I didn’t PE’d since my injury and avoided as much as possible masturbation. But I started BTB jelqing a few days ago for my EQ, and doesn’t seems to damage anything.

My doctor didn’t saw anything wrong.

Every time I try to do anything pleasurable with my penis, it’s turning very red and I feel like (even if my EQ is good now) I am damaging my unit.

Any idea?

If your doctor says nothing is wrong and it is healthy than ask him to see a specialist.

Hey calbijos

Have you tried doing a google search.

I had a look around and came across this site which addresses the problem…nis/show/994742

It may give you some clues as to the problem, and there are a few more references which might lead you to something more useful. Don’t worry about the STD’s (it’s just here the problem is discussed)

Hope that helps.


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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

Thanks for the link Petitfaun.

It doesn’t look like my problem. The skin of my penis is ok, but all my little veins are turning so red, that makes all my skin looking red.

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