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Little member...big insecurity


Little member...big insecurity

I’m going to vent a little. I have trouble being faithful to my girlfriends. I’ve realized I cheat b/c im insecure about my size. I’m insecure for a valid reason..6in long not even 4.5 around. I remember putting on my first condom when I was 15 and noticing it being baggy. I didn’t think to much of it at the time. Now after 5 years I’ve came to realize im not big….and below average in girth..girth the ladies adore.

Now I’m so insecure it’s not healthy. In relationships with g/f’s, like the current one, I have it stuck in my head I’m not good in bed, and I’m too small. Even though w/ my current girl, she orgasms and says “im fine” I just don’t believe it. I just think shes saying these things b/c she loves and cares about me. With the ex’s Iv’e gone out and cheated w/ a girl..just to see if I could satisfy her, make her moan, orgasm etc.

I’m not confient b/c of an organ in my pants that no ones sees! I see how superficial or trite this may be, but I honestly can’t help it. I’m a great,awesome, funny attractive guy, but I OBSESS over my small penis. I don’t even feel like a man.

I feel alot like you do except I dont cheat on my girl. But what u said about her just sayin that because she loves you and cares about you, I feel the same way wit my girl. I obsess over this as well. It reall makes me miserable.

I haven’t cheated w/ my current girl, but im not happy.

I hear you, man. And I think it’s a good thing that you’re not going behind your current girlfriend’s back to ‘compensate.’ I think that if you stick with a good girth routine of jelqs and squeezes and maybe throw in some manual stretching every other day, you’ll notice the difference within a couple of months and can stop feeling insecure with your unit.

‘m sure your girlfriend means it when she says you’re fine AND you’re making her orgasm, so you’re doing something right. You have a good thing there. A lot of guys don’t even get any and they’re content with their SO and don’t go out looking to get some on the side.

Good luck with the gains you seek and come back to this thread and post your success in PE. Later, n_m

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Well for one, if your girl loves and cares about you don’t need to worry about your size at present. She’s obviously ok with it.

So now that you realize you have stability, know that if you start doing PE your unit is only going to be getting bigger, so put your worries aside and grow my son, grow.

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Thanks a lot for the kind words. I like to hear positive and encouraging things. Staying optimistic is what I need to do. Thanks

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Hey Youknow,

Please stop the “w/ my” abbreviations. Not everyone understands what they mean. Thanks.

W/u talking a/t, T? I c und/d p/y w/he/m/s.

In fact, pretty soon, my posts are going to be just one “/ ” and you ‘ll have to decipher it.

Less bandwidth, more cranial activity. I’m expecting a thank you note from Al Gore for freeing up the Internet any day now……

Time to blow up the spell checker. Here goes nothing.

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Yes, you really should stay positive. Keep your head up. One day you’ll look back on these women you are cheating on and if you don’t already, regret letting something good go based on something these women may not even care about. Good luck on your gains.

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With hard work, there are guys here that have gone from 4.5” girth to 5.5+.

That said, you’re a lot more concerned about it that your girlfriend, just like almost every guy in the world. If I were 4.5” girth I’d practice recieving deep throat BJ’s before I got too big!

Your a cheater because your a cheater. I don’t see how being insecure of a small penis makes you wanna have more sex.

I kinda agree with Blackrob.

You would think that having a bigger unit leads to much greater temptation since its natural to want to try it out on a variety of woman and receive the satisfaction from the female reactions that you know your prior size could never generate from any of them. The opposite would be not wanting to be ridiculed and therefore avoiding sex.

Its a way of getting a reward for all the hard work and confirming that “you da man” :buttrock:
However a man that is truly happy and loyal with his girlfriend will want to reserve that privilege for his girlfriend only. You may want to cut her loose and find a girl that does not mind you dating others or be loyal to one that DOES make you happy otherwise you are only pro-longing the misery for you and her and that would be very selfish behavior.

I suppose wanting to try it out because its smaller is because you want to get a consensus from the average woman and reassure yourself that it is not small even though you suspect that it is and thus the reason for the insecurity? If you are average then bear in mind that most woman will claim that you are fine but they are generally not very truthful about that sort of thing out of respect for the male ego. So its hard to know if they are telling the truth or not. Average may be fine for some woman but not adequate enough for others.
If they are mad at you because you cheated on them… they may even exaggerate the truth in the other direction in order to hurt you and get revenge. The only real protection against that is being 8 and above. Why not just measure with a ruler and TRUST Thunders to tell you whats small and whats not small.
That way you will no longer have any reason to cheat. Right?

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i feel your pain man, but dont worry… thats what sites like these are for… to help each other out. jus find something working for you. to fit your schedule. my current girlfren is satisfied so easy, but my ex girlfren wasnt. and now and then i visit my ex to see if i can fill that void… but i’ve not been successful yet… but after around a couple of weeks of jelqing she (my ex) asked me what i was doing cause it felt thicker… and i smiled inside and said “nothing”… ;) … and even my current girlfren sighs a lot more than she did previously.



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