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Little member...big insecurity


Originally Posted by Mugwomp
Of course I don’t listen to it because of the racist, violent, sexually abusive, etc. content. Thats not to say that its all like that.

That is basically the same reason I dont listen to it. Like you, I know its not all bad but a good portion of it is. Maybe you should make a “Do you listen to rap?” thread so we dont end up hijacking this thread. I think it might be pretty controversial topic.

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To clarify my earlier comment about wanting a Black woman to validate my manhood, you can plainly see that I now think the the idea was crazy and racist. It’s racist because real Black women don’t necessarily conform to my tough girl fantasy any more than anybody else.

No offense intended.

what’s a fake black woman?

and Y, I haven’t heard a track from black rob besides whoah, so i wouldn’t know. I just like the name. Even though my name isn’t Rob neither. :)

And please don’t attack rap, because their is negatives in other music also.


The sensation you probably felt when your ex girlfriend felt you were thicker is the reason I haven’t started any of the PE routines jet.
I want to find a girlfriend first that loves and cares about me before I start PE. Maybe that thought is a crazy? But if she is satisfied (and
really want to be my girlfriend) before I start PE she would probably be more satisfied when I finally stop PE.

On the other hand, I do have problems meeting girls due to my insecurity which YouknowD talked about! No dates - No girlfriends.

Rocketeer: Don’t wait. Start PE now. You’re doing it for yourself, correct, not a particular girl? You never know, you might never find Ms. Right, but at least you can have more fun with Ms. Right Now. ;)

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If you caaaaan’t be-eee, with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with.

Good one, RubberbandMan.

You’re mistaking women for men. Women by and large don’t love somebody because they’re attractive. So why not just get bigger and enjoy yourself.

Taking your viewpoint to its extreme, you should probably go out and disfigure yourself just in case some woman falls in love with you after thinking you’re cute. Does Not Compute.

Modesto! Have you ever met a Swedish woman? :)

RubberbandMan! I will start my newbie routine tonight. You are right about
doing PE for myself and not for a particular girl. Thanks for that reflection. :)


Are you saying Swedish women are size queens? Regardless, I hope you take advantage of every reasonable opportunity to make yourself as appealing as you want to be.

No woman, with the possible exception of your mother, will ever love you unconditionally. It’s a sorry fact of life.

I believe the goal should be to find someone who is a good match for you and with whom you can have a stable relationship. Being bigger may help you to be more appealing, and thus may help you to be more successful in hooking up with more appealing women. It may seem to be a somewhat cheap way of thinking about it, but I believe 90% of any relationship is superficial. Each person has to feel that they’re getting a good deal with the other.

Learn to enjoy the superficiality. If you’re lucky and choose your mate wisely, love will grow over time.


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