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Little Italian question

Little Italian question

Hi guys.

I tried tonight, for the first time, the newbie routine depending the video instruction, but reading the newbie routine instruction :

5 min manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)

10 min of jelq (two hundred 3-second strokes)

Now I’m confused. Somebody can explain me the sense of this english phrase?

Two hundred 3-second strokes = 200 slide on the shaft for 3 second each?


Hi columbia.

Hope I get this right!

The “5 min manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches)” Means, stretch your penis for a total of 5 minutes. That is - stretch for half a minute, then relax; then stretch for another half a minute, relax, and continue this routine until you have done a total of ten stretches which makes 5 minutes of stretching ( plus a few seconds each time between the stretches.

The ” 10 min of jelq (two hundred 3-second strokes)” Means each jelq along your penis should take 3 seconds from base to head, Do this 200 times, which will take you 10 minutes.

Which means you interpreted it correctly.

Have Fun!


Thank you very much :)

English+newbie can create some confusion.


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