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Little changes, little worries

Little changes, little worries

Hello guys.

I noticed some little changes through the newbie routine I’m doing for a month now.

My unit looks bigger even soft, I love when I go to pee and I can really shake it, it feels heavy and ‘snaky’. :D

I am doing the newbie routine with C Grip (Dry) on the jelqs instead of the wet one.

Lately, on the last three days I had no morning wood anymore. I don’t know if I’ve been sleeping too much (in fact, I am sleeping like 10 hours/night). But I can have an erection easily and keep it for a while.

I am non circumcised but I started letting the ‘head out’ because it feels/looks better and also it dried the smegma somehow.I also feel cleaner ;)

Every time I touch the unit now I feel the head always colder than the rest of the body (It’s measuring 4” with no bone pressure). Is this a desirable change you experience as well?

I feel the body changing little by little, but I am worried about the morning woods and the temperature changes. Should I take a break and restart when the morning wood come back?

If you unit looks bigger and “plumped” in flaccid stage, then I won’t worry too much about the temperature.

If you can get as strong erection as before PE, then I won’t worry about morning woods. People who have concerns about morning woods usually have a hard time to achieve full erection (usually due to excessive exercise).

It seems like you have bigger flaccid unit and still get great erection, then I won’t worry about it too much at this point.

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