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List Your PE Kit

List Your PE Kit

Just thought we could all list the items we use regularly for PE and maybe some of the ones we use not so regularly.

Me First:

-Chopsticks - for stretching & jelqing
-Theraband (both flat and tube)
-Latex gloves - for stretching
-Cable Clamps
-Wetsuit material/stubby cooler - for padding

Soon to be added:

- ADS from Autoextender
- Ring weights
- Anti-Turtle sheath
- Vac-extender/Pe-extender

Well that’s me.

Latex gloves (for stretching)

Foam cock ring (for post jelq)


Andro extender (out of use)

Penis pump (doesn’t see much use either)

Pro solution pills (for blood flow)

Computer chair

1 full length mirror

Halogen heater

Thunder’s Place membership

and not forgetting…drumroll please…………………………….my penis

I’ll list my top 5 for now maybe more later.

#2-TheraP Wrap
#3-Cock Ring
#4-IR Lamp

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I have never thought about using latex gloves for stretching. Ive always used babypowder. The gloves mabye easier and less messy though. Im going to try it.

Liquid c :gulp:

Manhattan’s post is exactly why I started this. Latex gloves are brilliant, I only just started using them a week or so ago but my grip is unbreakable whereas before I had to keep adjusting which took away precious time. Something I have noticed though is when the powder on the gloves starts to go the gloves start to rub a bit on my penis but it is still better than just bare hands. I also use a loop of theraband tube I place around my neck and over my penis so it does a sort of inverted V-stretch when I do my stetches, it works so much better that trying to press with my hand or over my wrist as the theraband has a more consistent tension.

Can you guys tell if it is better using the IR/heatlamps or a hot bath?

I personally PE in a hot bath and it seems to work good for me but a heater/lamp would be so much less time consuming and easier… any thoughts?

To adequately list my PE kit would take more time than is reasonable. It’s a little fucking ridiculous.

I’m in the same boat as danwilke; it would scare me to see it all listed!

-Bib Hanger

-MaxVac II Hanger



-6 Velcro Wraps

-Ginkgo Biloba

-Generic Viagra

-Generic Cialis

-Boston Cylinder Cylinder & Pump

-Metal Rings used as cock rings

-Ball Stretch strap that I use as leather cock ring

-Gold Bond Powder (excellent for stretching grip)


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Thats pretty much it.

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Stumpy1's Progress Thread

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Jeez these are newbies kits lol I was under the impression you took it “easy” as a newbie!

-4 golf weights

-Cable clamp

-Self-adhesive ace bandage


Just because you are a newbie to this site does not make you a newbie to PE. I have been stretching and jelqing since I was 15, I just did not know what it was called or that it would grow if I did it more frequently. At the time I just noticed that I would get raging erections if I did it once a week or so, if only I had known more back then, oh well.

Smk is your Peyronie as a result of PE?

No definitely not PE related, it is actually the reason i started stretching and jelqing back when i was younger at the time I thought it was just light a muscle and a few stretches would straighten it. It has actually improved in more recent times as my routine is more consistent.

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