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List of abbreviations

List of abbreviations

Hi all boys,

Please can anyone put the meaning of all abbreviations that’s used here. It’s very difficult for me to understand many words when I’m reading.

So, please help me with a list of abbreviations. English is not my mother language.

Kindly, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

There is a thread that got started by a member on all the abbreviations. Just do a search :)

I’ll be extra kind this time and give you the link =p.


Dear Okish6er

Thanks for your kind. But not this what I meant or asked.
I asked about the words usually used in forum but it just of 2 or 3 letters. Its seems to me it’s abbreviations used to be familiar for American, but it’s very un known for us.



Do you have some examples in mind? It seems that the link Okish6er gave you is correct for PE related abbreviations but maybe you mean general abbreviations and acronyms, like this:

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Just like

Ub roller

Thanks for the link memento, I’ve always wondered what he hell IOW meant.

Things like ‘LOL’ you’ll find from the above link.

Ups doesn’t work without Push in front of it, it’s an exercise.

Ub Roller - I’ve no idea. Did you read that in an exercise thread?

Blog is a weblog or online diary.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Hi Almuhjjar, and welcome to Thunders place!

UPS could be United Parcel Service. Those are the guys in the brown trucks that deliver packages. Sorry if some of what you read here is hard to understand, we do try and use only international English.

Native English speakers:

This is why we try and avoid chat speak, slang, and poor spelling! Plenty of the members are from all over the world and are using a translation program on words that they don’t understand. One of the things that makes Thunders so cool is that we have members from all over. We like it that way and intend to keep it that way. If you still don’t understand that chat speak and bad spelling can make you an Ex-member go read the forum guidlines.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Great link Memento, thanks.

Starting Aug/06: BPEL 5.5", EG 4.3"

05/Feb/2007: BPEL 6.3", NBPEL 5.7", EG 4.9"

Thanks memonto and all others.

I’m very grateful for your kindly help.

The help hands that pass to every one in Thunderplace is the Important thing that make me stick to you men.

with best regards

I think he means “push ups” and “ab roller”. I saw him confused about this in another thread.

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