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Linear Newbie Routine

Linear Newbie Routine

Hey all I’ve been doing the linear routine for about 2 weeks now. I started at 30 wet jelqs, and am now doing 45. However I am confused. Is the routine just a warmup and jelqs at it’s most basic level? Because that is what I am doing. After a warmup I begin with about a 50% erection level and proceeded to do the jelqs.

- Should I be increasing the number of jelqs more?

- I am concentrating on length right now, is 50% erection ok?


well I think that 45 jelqs will not be enough, I would try to do at least a 100, and yes 50 erection is ok. By the way if you are concentrating in your length I would advise for you to try some stretches. You should read the newbie routine for you to see more about this and get some ideas, but usually the newbie routines is the way to go.

Good luck.

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You should do manual stretching too,they helps a lot for length gain

Start= Bpel:7", Meg:4.7", Fl:4".

First Month= Bpel:7.4", Meg:5.1", Fl:4.3"

The Linear newbie routine ramps up the number of stretches gradually over time.

So for example, on the jelqing J123 writes (I reformatted a little bit):


1. Start from 10- 20 jelqs. At the beginning add for example 10 jelqs about every 3 workout, but there is no need to go over 50- 60 jelqs within the 2 or 3 weeks.

2. Beyond 50- 60 jelqs add 10- 20 jelqs in a week if necessary. If you seem to gain with a lower amount, then don’t increase the amount until you feel it is necessary.

So therefore, once you have finished 3 weeks and are at 50 jelqs per workout, you add 10 to 20 additional jelqs to your workouts each week.

Like this

Week 3 = 50
Week 4 = 70
Week 5 = 90


However, If you are gaining at a certain amount, don’t add any.

So say you are getting 70 jelqs a workout and are growing, don’t bother adding more jelqs.

More at NEW newbie + advanced routine

I agree with what sta-kool said

01/03/2009- NBPEL:5.1; EG:4.6.

01/05/2010- NBPEL:6.1; EG:4.7.

Long Term Goal- NBPEL: 7.0; EG:5.5

Thanks for all the advice. I will continue with my steady pace of jelqs. I do notice a little increase in erect length, although it is all visual with no real measurements. 45 doesn’t seem to be enough from what I am reading, but I am noticing improvements, so I’ll try and take it slow.

I think ramping up slowly with the linear routine is good. I wish I had know about it when I started.

By the way most of my newbie gains came from 90 to 120 jelqs per workout.

The “less is more” approach works well for some people, but maybe not everybody. However I think it is good for newbies to start out that way — the regular newbie routine was way too much for me.

Best of luck and keep us posted.

Updates wetjet? How many jelqs are you doing now and have you gained anything?

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01/09/2014 - NBPEL 16.5cm / BPEL 19cm / BPFSL 20.5cm / Girth12.7cm / BPELIP 19.2cm

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