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At start your overall opinion : quack or quite experienced guy who just want earn some money ? We talk about dr. Lin -

I talked with guy in my country who after PE injury used his supplements and after 10 months had really good results.

I am now at a crossroads which way to choose, cause know people who cure on daily viagra,cialis but head as well not promising selecting this way.

One thing that truly speaks for guys on daily viagra,cialis is that they advice as well have sex, fuck a lot asap and this guy cured by Lin, stay away cause sex is bad ..

I’m interested what is your opinion on that matter ?

Read Firegoats thread link up above, Lin is not a Doctor of Medicine he is an engineer with a doctrine. He’s a quack!

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Yes Dino that`s right and I read it elsewhere also.
That`s translate response from some polish guy who cure himself from serious PE injury using his products
“J ViaPal HGH is made up of good quality herbs and vitamins B, simply Dr. Lin was able to compose it so that it has created a delicious mix of problems with erection, I would not recommend Viagra or Levitra, moreover, after consulting Dr. Lin can say the same thing - still taking Viagra may lower levels of dopamine, testosterone and cortisol levels increase, etc. (Things hormones) and in the meantime Dr.Lin products are 100% natural. I take it (with interruptions) since 3 years. Detailed descript”
I’m really curious whether it`s real guy from my country though his polish is perfect and e-mails come from polish server.
But he don`t want gave me phone numer or even some basic messenger popular in our country because as he sets out anonymity it`s important for him, so I actually don`t know what to think.
Mayby this engieer have so powerfull network with people who recommend his products or mayby seriously help this guy cure fim flaccid.
I remember reading somewhere which is true that Lin was using always in his writings hypertrophy of form over content (or something like that) but sometimes it`s look hypertrophy of form over content.
Or like one user wrote”
Just a great post exposing another quack who spouts big words. “Dr” Lin uses a tactic commonly called: If you can’t convince them, confuse them. He is full of it. Bullshit that is.”

I just read this thread you gave and I remember it and I feel personaly that he is full of bullshit and now think about this guy who ordered his pills and was exchanging e-maill with me saying that he is cured.. And I’m litle confused.

If you want to try Chinese herbal medicine, find a good Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor in Poland. There are a lot of rip-off con men in the Chinese medical world, so choose a doctor carefully.

Forget about Lin.

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Actually I would just want any kind of doctor who would be able to help me.2 Urologist say that is everything all right and that they aren`t able anymore(that`s normal with PE injures) and you of course know that nothing is all right.So I’m looking for a best way, to this time daily viagra seems to be the best way.


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