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ligs or tunica streches ?

ligs or tunica streches ?

hi all! this is my first post here and i want to introduce myself, i’m from greece, i’m 20, and my dick’s size is 6.3 X 5.3 (at base) and 5 girth at head. After reading bib’s lot theory i have found out that my lot is around 7 o’clock this meaning i have to work my tunica if i got it correctly. My question is if it’s ok if i work both tunica and ligs in the same pe session (upwards and downwards streches). I think you can go for lenght quicker if you try to work both of them in the same session. I have to mention that for now my pe consists only of high intensity jelqing (with kegels i mean ) and some manual stretches. My goal is the classic 8 x 6. Thanks is advance for any answers the more experienced guys here have for me.

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There’s no harm in stretching both the tunics and ligs. I myself have a very low lot and still stretch out my ligs. I just put more of a focus on my tunics. And of course welcome to Thunder’s!

Hi mr huge, welcome aboard!

Like inamo said, there is nothing wrong with working both the ligs and the tunica in the same session. Some even say you should do it.

You sound like you have a great attitude so I wish you the best of luck. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help.

Thanks a lot guys for your replys and welcomings.

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