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Ligs or not!!!!

Ligs or not!!!!

I’ve been doing JAI’s stretch for some days now and i feel at the base that I’m feeling some soreness. But i wonder where exactly u feel the stretch when u do JAI’s. I almost don’t feel a thing when i stretch my dick forward but when i stretch it down i feel something happen in the base.

Am i stretching the ligs or what am i doing? =)


excuse my lame english.

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I think that based on your description the soreness could be in the PC-muscle (it’s OK if not pain). I’ve experienced also this and it’s probably due to that you easily pull harder when stretching downwards. Actually I’ve never felt much anything but “see the stretch” when I do JAI’s (some ligpops though), but ruler told me that I was doing allright ;)

Hope this helps..

Lets keep gaining!

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