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light stretching on decon?

light stretching on decon?

I was just curious as I would like to decon, but I cannot seem to stop myself from some light stretches in the shower. Do I need to quite cold turkey for a deconditioning break or is it okay to do some light stretching?

If you do a decon-break I’d stop doing anything like PE, since it’s counterproductive.

You could also decon slowly with decreasing stretches, but it’ll take more time I believe.

It is definitely ok to do some light stretching. Just make sure it is indeed light otherwise you will not be on a decon break.

You probably should avoid everything if you are on a decon break but if you must just keep it light.

Sorry I forgot to mention it.

I light stretch on decon and on the last decon GAINED.

I think there really is something to very light stretching. Where you’re more “ironing it out” gently than really pushing it. When my body starts to tense against the force of a stretch, I immediately feel that it is counterporductive.

The only thing I did on my decon was always make sure to get really warmed up in the shower and then just give it a very short and relaxing session.

I think there might even be a class of guys for whom relaxing stretching allows them to gain more than stretching that makes them tense at all.

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