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Ligaments Soreness

Ligaments Soreness

Hey pals, a question here.

Have you experienced any sort of soreness in your ligaments after about a month of stretching?

I’ve just finished a stretch-jelq session and while doing it I felt a bit of pain in right ligament.

I’m not sure if it ain’t right, or it’s just a consequence of consistent stretching and some sort of ligs becoming more loose.

Oh yes, and has anyone experienced ligs pops? Any pain? What’s that exactly?

Lig pops are felt like a weird sound in your groin. They are not related to anything positive (nothing negative either, by what I know). Pain is not good tough, you should pull with les force your could cause an inflamation.

What’s that?

I am not sure, this may have happened only to me but when I had the first couple lig pops, I felt like the stretches were more effective and the ligs and/or tunica were more relaxed as a result. Also, my flaccid hang was more noticeable. No pain during the lig pops, but definitely a weird feeling. I felt like my dick all of a sudden came loose and was more stretchy..

I haven’t personally experienced long term soreness in the ligs yet, maybe a day or two but that’s it.

If you have pain, maybe take it easy for a bit and recover.

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I’ve had soreness in my ligs and all I do is take it easy for a day. That usually works for me and they feel just fine after that. To go along with this do lig pops come from just hanging or manual stretches also? I do manual stretches and all I feel is pressure.

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