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Ligaments injuries

Ligaments injuries

Where does the ligament attach? I also have a small string like something that starts at the base of the penis and travels up the side.. At first I assumed it was a thrombosis superficial dorsal vein, but it is colorless and it is very thin and does not engorge like the other side.

I’m really freaking out that there I some permanent damage, and I’m really messed up over this.

Sorry I haven’t glued any thread about the anatomy, but try googling “suspensory ligament” or “penis ligament” and find out where they are.

It is important to know what You have, where it is and how it works, especially in PE.

Go on, learn and gain!

Thanks,Marinera.I’m almost sure the pain is coming from suspensory ligaments. Maybe I overstreched my penis. I think the main problem with my last routine was probably stretching too hard especially to down. I guess the question would be, how long before I start again with PE? Also is this a common injury?. Thank you.

Hard to tell. A week should be enough, I guess, but if you feel the pain again stop. The main problem is that you are using too much force. It ain’t force that gives gains, it is time under moderate tension. Give this a read

firegoat - Length Gains

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