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Lig stretching - How to recognize when you're doing something wrong

Lig stretching - How to recognize when you're doing something wrong


I recently noticed a strange thing on my BPL/NBPL when measuring.

I noticed that my (BPL and NBPL) length was about 0.5 inch _larger_ in a nearly erect (but not being erect) state than when being erect.
For me that’s 8.35” BPL as compared to an EBPL of 7.8”.
NBPL values have the same amount of changes (7.65” vs. 7.17”)

Now my question is:

What errors in my PE routine (mainly consisting of manual stretches and some really minor wet jelqing in order to promote penile health) does this indicate?

I’m figuring I would have to do more manual stretching on the fundiform ligament (which I didn’t stretch at all till now.. was mainly focused on right-down-left-outward 9 o’clock stretches).

It’s really annoying especially since at the time of a 110% erection the (N)BPL is shrunk by .5 inch (you know, when your dick is really being pressed onto your bone.. well it feels like this ;-))

I hope anybody with more knowledge can fill in with some bits of information (or just devastate my theory if needed :) ).

My current routine:

- 5 Mins Warmup with wraps or a hot bath
- Grab right below the gland of your penis with a reversed ok sign and do 20-30 second (mild!) stretches in the following directions: right, left, down and out right at 9 o clock (see bib’s lig proposal for the clock thingy)
- I ditched the slow rotating movement starting eg. from the right-stretch over the down-stretch going on to the left-stretch, the up-stretch and back to the right-stretch since I really injured my ligs the first time I did this (first nothing, then *yeech*.. I’m still recovering from that)
- 5 Mins Warmdown (see above)

Sometimes I’m doing a cooldown besides my routine that is simple one of those medical cooling pads being put above my upper ligs (which means cooling the lower ligs too according to bloodflow)


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your routine or that it’s causing this “problem.” Are you seeing results with this minimal routine of only stretching? You’re already way above normal statistics for size. :thumbs:

I believe this “shorter when erect” thing is due to the physics of the tunica. Most guys notice that they are longer when measuring their flaccid stretched length (FSL) compared to their fully erect length (these are usually done bone pressed). This is because they can stretch the penis, including the corpora cavernosa/tunica, to a longer length than it normally expands to since there’s no blood in it. That is to say that there is a limit to which the length of the CC can expand when full of blood. If there’s no blood, or the CC are not completely full, then the length can be slightly longer than it is when the sides of the CC are pushed out to their maximum by the fullest erection which limits the length expansion.

It’s difficult to think of an analogy that everyone can visualize, but let’s try a sausage. If you understand how sausages are made you know that the meat filling is placed in a sausage casing. The casing is pliable enough to expand as the meat is injected, but it can only expand to a certain point or it will burst. If you take a sausage that is full and measure it’s length then remove the meat filling, the empty casing will measure a longer length because it is not fully expanded which limits the length. Or think of using the sausage casing filled with water. It will be shorter when fully expanded than it will be when partially filled or empty.

Is that clear? Does it make sense?

Well I really like my current length and girth (although I’ll definitely doing some more wet jelq as soon as my ligs are completely [!] healed).

I was just wondering about this.. And yeah, your sausage explanation makes sense to me.

BTW: My BPFL (stretched) is below my BPEL .. about the same amount.
That’s why I was figuring something (the lower ligs?) are pressing the penis onto the bone like they used to before (when the upper ligs weren’t as stretched as they are now.. starting BPEL was 6.8 inch IIRC ;) ).. Which results in it being pressed inward more than wanted (IOW: being pressed inward to what would be ok for the upper ligs).

I never really heard much about stretching the lower ligs yet.. And they don’t really feel like they want to be stretched (unlike the upper ligs which don’t “complain” unless you overdo it).


There are no lower ligs. The crura (legs) of the penis are directly attached to bone (see this). You aren’t supposed to be able to undo that with PE unless you’re pulling really hard, then you’ll have an injury. Congratulations on your gains.

Uh ok, this just tells me I’m listening to the responses of my body in a good/correct way :-)
I’ll immediately cease doing the impossible from now on (although it’s _really_ annoying since it’s a freaking .5 inch ;-).. argh.. NO DONT TEMPT ME, FAST GAINS).

Thanks to you both for your help (in case anyone else feels something needs to be said: I’m still subscribed to this topic :) )

Are you kegeling during the 100% erection? Because a kegel kinda sucks the penis in a little bit.

Well well, now how shall I put this?

The (willingly done) kegel does pull it in _a little_. But a) that’s not when I measure and b) you are doing a halfpaced kegel all by yourself when you’re getting really aroused (especially with N1 et al. The kegel happening on b) doesn’t pull in though. Same go for the contractions on the way to ejaculation.. They rather thrust my penis outwards by 0.1-0.2 inch than pulling it in (quite logically since the sperm must be get going somewhere ;) ).

The pullback for a kegel for me (bigger calls it the tugback in his LOT theory) is still quite some below 0.1 inch so no I don’t think that’s the reason responsible for the “loss” of 0.5” inch in dick length :)

Any other ideas (or as always: killers to my own theory/ies ?) :)


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