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Lig Pops

Lig Pops

Hey guys, after a few months of stretching with some gains, two weeks ago I had a very small lig pop. Scared me at first then I remembered reading about them just never knew what they felt like. There was no pain and just a quick pop the ligament made, that one was very small. This morning during my first few stretches I had a much harder pop, absolutely no pain. I was wondering if this is normal after you get the first pop. After the first pop I was sore slightly the next day. I have read alot and it sure seems loke a good thing. I have found what causes mine I think just not sure why. I do alot of BTC and Las stretches. One other stretch is while sitting on a foam roller I go straight down. Both pops have happened while at this angle. Standing up and stretching straight down never had this effect. I wonder if I am disengaging my core muscles while stretching straight down and sitting on the roller. All the force goes to the ligs. I dont know for sure but curious in feedback.

When I first found this forum and tried to PE by the first time two years ago, I had a lot of these lig pops too. I think it’s normal. It happens in ligaments of your whole body. Just be careful with these stretches.

Oh yeah, I have stretched and hung off and on for a little over a year and have some gains. These were the first two pops ever. I have always had super tough strong ligs that dont want to stretch. Maybe I have worked the ligs enough for them to start giving up more gains.

Lig pops are neither good nor bad. Don’t worry about them.

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