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Lig Pops, Jelqing and Stretching

Lig Pops, Jelqing and Stretching

Hi I’m a fairly new member but have been watching these forums for quite some time and am amazed at the amount of knowledge gathered and support you guys give each other! Was wondering if you guys could also give me some solid advice to help me out, I’ve just decided to actually start PE and have the following issues.

Basically I’ve read a lot about lig pops which quite a few members have experienced, I’ve never had this this? Is it a good thing? Where do you have to stretch from to cause the ligs to pop. Also my stretching doesn’t seem to be effective, I can’t really “feel” the stretch in my shaft, where should I grip? The head? I am uncut and find my head hurts when I pull back the skin to stretch because it’s sensitive, stretching with skin I don’t get a good grip, but stretching in the centre I can’t seem to grab my inner cock just skin!

I find Jelqing impossible as well, I’ve tried a few times but can’t seem to get any motion going, it feels really awkward, I think it may be because my penis isn’t really big enough and I can’t do the jelq motion known as “milking” correctly, how long does your penis need to be to be able to jelq properly? Is it about length or technique?

Measuring bone pressed length seems to give me almost an inch extra, is this extra inch even use-able? I can’t tell when having sex with my girlfriend!

The best thing I would like to do is improve flaccid length, could I achieve this with just stretching and no jelqing?


Start: 09.03.08 BPEL: 14.5cm | Latest: 25.03.08 BPEL: 15.24cm

Short-term Goal: BPEL 16cm | Long-term Goal: BPEL 18cm

THere is this guy on this forum whose penis lenght was about 2 inches and eventually he made it 5 inches. You always have hope my friend.

There’s a poll here: /forum/poll.php?do=showresults&pollid=409 and if you add up all the respondents who experienced lig pops, it’s just over 50%. I don’t know if they are good or bad, but apparently they are not uncommon. I don’t know that I would try to make them happen as a goal.

You may be able to get a better grip during stretching by using powder or toilet/tissue paper.

If wet jelqing is a problem, you may want to try dry jelqing.

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