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Lig Pop

Lig Pop

I got my first this morning while stretching, quite possibly the most scary experience of my life. I yanked on my dick and then I heard/felt what I thought was my dick ripping off. I quickly realized that there was no pain, and it was just a lig pop. Woohoo!

Haha, I know just how you feel, I just had one the other day.

WTF is a lig pop?

That sounds scary. What happens when you have one?


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I haven’t had one yet as I’m only a beginner but I can imagine my own reaction. Anyway, try checking out this thread for more info. First lig pop.. Ummm yuck.

I had lig pop quit few times, even before the PE, I am experience this since I am 14 and now I am 40. I do not think it is a bad think. I never had a bad experience with that.

That would be scary; I’m glad I know what a lig pop is so I don’t get too freaked out if/when I experience one for the first time.

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