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Lig pain

Lig pain

Hey, this is about my 4th day on the newbie routine, and after doing the downward manual stretch on the second day, my ligs were sore, which I figured was normal since I had never worked them before. Just to be safe though I took the next day off, and by earlier today, my ligs felt great. So I continued with the routine, and I felt fine. But about 5 minutes after my cool down today, my lig on the upper right side of the shaft is extremely sore. When I’m sitting it feels fine, but when I stand up and take large strides it’s killer. This is probably normal, and need to take a another day off, but I’m just a nervous newbie! Any input would be great, thanks!

Dear nervous newbie, :)

Welcome to the forum and good luck with gains. Sounds like you’ve been just a little too aggressive for just starting out and you’ll be fine. Just dial back the intensity on that stretch and read and bookmark this thread: Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Thanks for the advice and the reading tps!

Yea. Cut back on the stretching tension. When I started about 3 weeks ago the stretch wasn’t really much of a stretch. Just nice and easy.

Now I can go a little firmer but still not yanking it.


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