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Lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes.

Hey everyone. I’m currently in my build-up phase to PE, as of next weekend my diet is becoming strict, focusing on a diet perfect to work out with at the Gym which I will be joining the second I have the subscription fee. From what I’ve read you’re general health is a large factor in penal health so, I wanted to give myself the best possible chance. I’m also currently on my last pouch of tobacco, which is being smoked vary sparingly and masturbation frequency will be dropped to 1 rest day during the routine when I get it started.

So far I’ve been thinking about getting friendly with PI’s and other useful information laying around before getting into it without any experience on what to look out for etc. I’m going to initiate Babbitt’s? Routine jazzed up a little with a wet/dry jelq ratio relatively even along with a small amount of stretches and obviously heat. I didn’t get the guy’s name right I don’t think, so please correct me if you know what I’m talking about.

Oh, I have a doctors appointment coming up, next week or the week after to talk about my possible Frenulum Breve (Member’s that have had this condition please post advice or experience), and to see if I still have any Thrush signs just to be safe before I start. I feel that there is alot of information out there so I figure the more I know now, will save alot of trouble later especially with Negative PI’s.

I have a large amount of free time coming up, until I find a job so, I have enough time to get the problem factors in my life fixed for when I begin.

What do you guys think of the routine, lifestyle changing ideas?

Oh, I’m curious as to adding some kegel work into the routine also, mostly for maintaining erection levels during jelq sets, the possible effectiveness seems work while along with the obvious benefits of adding them.

The routine will be something like this.


5/10 Minute warm wrap.

15/20 minute jelq session with set breaks for kegels and switch ups between dry and wet jelqs. (Jelq average per sessions has not been decided)

The jelq session I’m trying to combine the wet and dry to increase chance of length and girth gains simultaneously.

Light stretching session, all directions and rotary, possible break then warming session before this.

5/10 minute warm-down.


Obviously I do not wish to over train from the off so alot of condensing will probably have to be done, as obviously, less is more to begin with.

Happy gaining.


That’s a good routine to start. Personally, I don’t see why a wet vs. dry jelq could target length vs. girth. A jelq performed properly is what’s important, the way you lube the penis (a gooey gel vs. your foreskin) shouldn’t make any difference to the outcome. Length gains with jelqing seem to be easier to come by than girth gains anyway, so changing lubrication methods midstream seems a time consuming (wasting) effort at best.

Use our search feature (button, top right of every page) to find threads on frenulum breve. I know there are a few on the subject.

Overall body health is good in and of itself. It might make you feel better and may help with you PE efforts, but others (including myself) have gained without specific lifestyle changes. Although quitting tobacco (since nicotine does affect the vascular system) is a great idea.

Thanks Westla :) I really should check out the search before posting on topics like frenulum breve.


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