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Lifer new to thunder's Place

Lifer new to thunder's Place

Hey, Just a quick introduction to all of you to let you know me a little. I have been PEing now for about six months. I went out hunting for enlargement sites that were free and found one that was pretty cool. Once I had some knowledge on my side I dug in and started PEing.

I have gained about an inch in girth, and about a half inch in length, most of which was in the first 3 months of the routines. One of the members in the other site posted a link to this one and I thought maybe I might gain some valuable knowledge here and get the gains back on track. I copied some of what he said and will paste it here as well. Just a quick note before I ask some questions, I used the search function first to try and save bandwidth by researching, but I found nothing sorry.

My questions are regarding this post from the other site.

incorporating 6 different exercises…dry jelq, wet jelq, Fulcrum Jelqs, Kegel-Compression Jelqs, holds, and the original DLD Blasters (developed by “DoubleLongDaddy” (DLD) who worked his wang to more than 10.5 inches in length.

The dry and wet jelqs are basic knowledge, DLD blasters are well explained at the other site as well ( Doublelongdaddy you are famous by the way dude. )

The ones I am hoping to find some info on are the Fulcrum Jelqs and the Compression Jelqs, I am not really sure about what the holds are all about either.

I hope someone can help with this, it would be really cool. I heard alot of great things about Thunder’s Place and after reading through alot of the posts tonight I am glad I took the time to do so. Just reading the posts I have gained a ton of knowledge. thanks for any help.


Here’s a link dealing with fulcrum hanging:

An Unbelievable Technique

Hope that helps a little bit.

Anyway, welcome to Thunder’s! Great gains by the way! :up:

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Thanks man, that helped a little, although the fulcrum hang and stretch were not really what I was looking for they are cool too. I have to admit though I am not much for hanging 15 lb weights off of my dick. Maybe I read it wrong. I am confident that I can get the same results with my hands. what about the other exercise, any thoughts?

Nice to meet you lifer,

A guy who can find the search button is my kind of guy.

>Fulcrum Jelqs and the Compression Jelqs
Well you got me on the fulcrum jelq. I don’t see how you can apply secondary pressure with a moving target unless is a matter of following the leading hand with the secondary hand to provide an upward or downward force and to be honest I would expect that jelqing (overhand in a downward direction possibly) with a good grip will be as effective. If you JAI the end of each stroke you’re going to be doing a lot of work.

The kegeling with jelqing is well known. Simply kegel in extra blood as you apply your grip at the base with each stroke. Its possible to radically increase pressure in this many. Just for anyone else reading this here, that’s a pretty advanced technique and you probably need a few months under your belt before attempting it.

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Hmmm, well that is cool. I sort of figured that was the compression jelq. I have been doing those for a long time then. The whole fulcrum jelq thing has got me stumped though. Thought maybe DLD might have some insight as he was mentioned in the thread at the other site.

lifer, have you looked into the DLD Bends at all? I think supersetting exercise is real important to making good gains. The jelqing method should be something where you feel you are getting the most expansion but what I like to do is incorporate a modified horse squeeze and a DLD Bend for 30 seconds each at every 100 jelqs. This has been a very important part of my program and going beyond stagnation. Oh by the way WELCOME:)

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Right on, I will have a look into that man. I completely understand what you are saying about the jelqs as I have taken to doing them at about seventy percent erect with a full blood load and a head squeeze. I am truly looking to build great girth as well as length. I have read your info at a few other sites as well, always excellent thanks. I am going to have to start copy and pasting your stuff so I don’t constantly have to log back in. You must have a book by now.

Anyway thanks again.

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