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Lifelong problem Cold Penis,Very retracted,thumb size

Lifelong problem Cold Penis,Very retracted,thumb size

Hello this has always been an embarrassment for me (my entire life) but since none of you people know me I just thought I would see if I’m the only one.

My penis will get hard very easy and very quickly.few seconds.
I am circumcised
When I get very cold outside it will shrivel up and the head will go inside the shaft skin as if I were not circumcised and the skin will close up where the head was.
Now maybe 2 inches long.
To urinate you have to reach in there and grab the tip of the head and pull it out.
The head will be very white and the size of my thumb AND VERY COLD.
If I massage it or warm it it will harden right up from thumb size to 6 1/2 inches by 5 inches around.
Pain in my back or stomach will always make this happen too.

A urologist once told me this type of thing dated back to the caveman ages where fight or flight made the body react.
All the blood would go to the major body parts for survival.
If he was right I wonder is there anything that can be done to increase the blood flow / circulation in my penis?

Any help short of removal would be appreciated.

I have a solution to your “problem”.

Move to Arizona. :)

Just remember that your ancestors survive in the colder climates so it’s better to be a grower and keep you penis warm then have it fall off due to frostbite

Just keep your penis warm. :)

All penises (and testicles) retract when they get cold. It’s nature’s way of keeping the family jewels safe and viable. In fact, I’d say 2 inches is on the long side; most of them look like a button when cold.

It appears to me that a lot of these questions arise because they don’t have PE in schools anymore (pun intended).

My penis is also about 2 to 3 inches when cold. Normal flacid is around 4,5” so I don’t think you have to worry much.

Started 15-07-2011 NBPEL 6" (15cm) x MSEG: 5,25" (13,5cm)

01-02-2012 NBPEL 6,4" (16cm) x MSEG: 5,75" (14,5cm)

GOAL: NBPEL 7" x EG: 6" (17,5cmx15cm)

Hehehe bro it’s normal I have this 2 you should understand something too if you have pubic fat pad it will cover it 2 and your talking about cold man the size will be smaller cannot stretch trust me am in a hot country and I do turn off the air conditioner or I put it on 29 your totally fine and if the woman will feel bad about it just tell her to have a dick and put it in the freezer next day you won’t find it :D

Start July 07 2011

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Goal : Length 7.5 Girth 6.2

Good luck dude

Start the newbie routine. That helped my flaccid length even out to about 3.5 inches, and reduced the shrinkage when it was cold.

When I firs started fully I could not even see it fully retracted now I do hang about 4 when it is flaccid.

Now that it is a bit chilly here it retracts to a point that I wonder if I wasn’t born a sheila

Blue eye, blonde latino

This thread is way old but I’ll give my two cents toward the cure.

Mine has also been cold as long as I can remember, even when everything else was warm. Since doing PE I have noticed that my penis is now always warm to the touch. Why? Increased vascular structure within carries more warm body cavity blood at an increased flow rate. Even in cold temps the retraction is delayed and minimal. So, for new PE ers, Jelqs will help to create better vascular structure. Intermediates can use a pump. And the very well conditioned can clamp.

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