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Life after ligamentolysis surgery. Any help for me?

Life after ligamentolysis surgery. Any help for me?

I am 23 y/o Male.. At 2009 I had ligamentolysis done by dr Djordjevic.. My penis was around 15 cm erect and 10 cm flaccid.. I gained around 4 cm in flaccid which hanged even more loose than before and around 1 cm in erect.. I have high erection angle and upward curvature.. At same time I had my penoscrotal webbing reduced by removing excess skin and suturing it above scrotum..

Here goes the story.

Everything was going perfectly well.. I used stretcher for 5 hours a day as part of post op therapy.3 months after I noticed my penis was shrinking.. And when he is not fully warmed up it was so elastic it would pull back even shorter than it was before surgery.. In flaccid state.. Erect was still barely visible difference

After 5 months I started using penis pump because I thought it will help better than ADS..

Eventually my penis in erect remained same as before op and looked even smaller because of skin that started rolling forwards..

I went to Dr Perovic while he was still alive and he said he noted a curious case of scrotalization.. Meaning my scrotum skin was going upward to penis and basically melding with it making it look shorter..

A year after something happened that still re-occurs today.. My scrotum started being pulled tight and up most of the day.. They loosen down a bit at end of day and when I over consume water.. No matter if its warm or not they started going all the way up to my body..

I kinda learned to live with it and started having normal sex life..

Few weeks ago I started doing PE to try to make my penis bigger naturally.. I did jelqs ,penis pump, and stretching.. I did it for 35 mins 5 days in row..

After that week I noticed my penis looks wider, but with shitloads of more lose skin, its completely covered with scrotal skin, and scrotum went all the way up.. Basically whole base of my penis is covered, which is around 4 cm

I went to Dr Milosevic and he said that skin can be fixed but I am completely unsure how can it be done since my ball sack so tight most of the day and when its loose it comes forward now and makes around 3 cm of my penis useless for penetration..

He said that solution is to try to lower testicles somehow and make them separate from penis.. Does ANYONE know CAN this be done at all ,or can you just modify penis skin.. I am really unsure anymore whether they can really help or just try to take money.. I over did stretching and pulling so I screwed my own penis with too much force.. But please tell me is there any hope whatsoever..

Big regards, Dwellm

In this case a few pictures would help convey the problem enormously. From your description it sounds to me like a cock ring might help hold the scrotum in place. Try the kind that has a loop around the base of your cock and another around your balls.

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Hi Dwellerm,

What you are describing sounds uncannily like what we call turkey neck here. Where the penis attaches to the body, underneath is scrotum, so the area on top of the shaft is the only bit that needs to be stretched for the scrotum to start going up the shaft. Skin stretches easily and this is a small area of skin, so is easily stretched.

If that sounds like your problem, then the solution is the same for any case of turkey neck: stretch the skin above this point on the shaft. Stretch carefully by holding the skin behind the glans and with your second hand holding nearer the base of the shaft. Then move the second hand down towards the base. Stretch consistently and you should notice a difference. Incorporate a skin stretching phase into your PE.

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Agree with Mem. I might add that too much skin isn’t a big problem to overcome with surgery, in extreme cases. Your penis shrinking can be due to the ligs reattaching higher than their original position, something that happens relatively often with penis length surgery.

Thing is .I have done surgery 4 years ago :)

Any more opinions

Won’t stretching skin pronounce the problem even more?


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