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Lets make a monster out of me


Did my exercises yesterday. It feels as if I have a better grip (pun intended) on the exercises. Though I often go completely flaccid.. I don’t really have access to porn when I do the exercises. Anyone got any tips? I did one repetition of the horse 440, is it normal for my head to hurt abit because there is too much blood?

Originally Posted by M-Audio84
I have a question for nick33 and other experienced members.

Mate, I am no expert. Heck, you joined 7 months before me!

All my knowledge has come from hours upon hours of reading the forums. And you (and others) can do it too!

Starting size: (April 1 2007) 5.95" BPEL x 4.65" EG. | Progress Thread (plus pics)

Now: (August 20 2007) 6.6" BPEL x 4.81" EG. Half way towards my goal! | Current Stats

Short term goal: (3-4 months) 6.8" BPEL, 5.0" EG.. Long term goal (1+ yr): 7.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG.

Originally Posted by Tazbonito
I have a prediction. Once you see how quickly you can get gains, you won’t stop at 7. If you do, your a greater man than I. Go for it man!

Hahah, well I don’t want to get my hopes up. I’m a skeptical person, but I’m willing to give it a good shot and see what happens :D

Reiki? Are you a practitioner of the art, or just like the name? And I don’t know if I believe all this stuff about girth gains making length gains harder, I say go after whatever you want first, then hit the next. I will say, though, that length comes much easier than girth, so you may want to try reach that length goal first.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.


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