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Lets look back when we were younger


I’m also very curious about that.. What routine did you follow Okish6er?

I’ve gained about .5 inch but I wonder if that is natural growth

I wish I had tracked my natural growth every year since forever, just for curiosity’s sake. Too bad I used to be so naive.

Oct 2006: BPEL: 7.75" NBPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.125"

Goal: 17+ cubic inches of volume, someday, currently inactive

Who do you think remembers what size their cock was at 16yo?

I know the first time I measured my prick was at 13-14yo and it was 13cm (~5.1in) and a few months ago, just before I started PE, at age 22, I got 16cm (~6.3in) so it’s a little over an inch since the beginning of puberty until I stopped growing (don’t really think it grew much since 16).

18.02.08: NBP 6.7, BPSFL 7.9, EG 5.9

18.05.08: 6.9" NBP, 8.3" BPSFL, 7.7" BP

my lazy ass is on a break AGAIN, since late may '08

When I first got laid when I was 13 I was a whopping 3” and I don’t want to even try to imagine what my girth was back then it lasted about 30 seconds.tops
When I was 16 I was 7” length 4 1/2” girth
Now at 19 I’m 7 3/4” length 5 1/2” girth

1/2” girth gains from PE in roughly 6-7 months and loving it.

I know in my first post it says 8” but I just rounded up for e-peen reasons ^^ I’m happy with my length now he he


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