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Lets do this

Lets do this

Hi I’m new here I started PE 1 week ago ( beginner routine) and I have few questions.

First are the gains you gain from PE permanent or the moment you stop working out it retracts to original.Don’t get me wrong I know gains don’t come overnight just wanna know will they stay and second question can anybody tell me or link me to place where shortcuts are explained ( BPOE , BPEF) cause I don’t know which is which. Sorry for my English and thank you in advance guys

Hi DivineFox.

Welcome to Thunders,

Gains from PE can be permanent, but more than that the question you should ask is…….Is my commitment to a larger penis permanent or is it a passing fad?

This is a lifestyle choice, that will serve you well for the rest of your life if you take it on as a lifestyle.

As for the rest, start here START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Info and see if that can answer some questions :)

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Welcome to ThundersPlace! The acronyms (BPEL, EG, FSL etc) can be discovered by hovering your cursor over them for a moment. Try it. Cool, huh?

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