Let the growth begin

Hey guys. I stumbled across this site a few weeks ago by chance, and just dismissed it. But even from looking at the site for just a minute I could tell it wasn’t the usual commercial spam scam that I had previously associated with PE. This was genuine guys with genuine information, for free. So curiosity eventually got the best of me, and today I read over all the newbie materials and did my first session of exercises. I got my rice sock, got my ruler, got my lube. I’m starting out at about 5.5 inches BPEL, and 4 inches EG. Flaccid stretched length is the same. I have a low Loss Of Tug angle, somewhere around 7 o’clock.

The first session went off without a hitch. 5 mins rice sock. 5 mins stretching. Then about 100 jelqs. I’ve got a couple technique questions.
1. I used a very gentle stretch. When my penis was not stretching any further, I didn’t pull any harder. Is this correct?
2. During jelqing, I noticed my penis curled upward as I moved up the shaft. I found a way to modify the grip so that it stays straight, and did that for the rest of the session. Is one way better?

I’m very glad to have found this website. Thanks to all who have gone before and shared the knowledge.