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Let me introduce myself

Let me introduce myself

Strokedaily here. I thought I’d introduce myself and tell you why I’m here.

I’m probably older than most of you, retired now and finally have time to reflect upon my life, as well as catching up on all the jerking off that I didn’t do while I was working.

How did I end up here? I started thinking back to all the women that I’ve been with and remember some of their quirky behaviours and why some of those relationships ended. I can describe some of these if you are interested.

Initially I liked tall and larger boned women, close to my height and walking stride. But some of these women seemed to have huge vagina’s and I could not feel anything and had a difficult time reaching orgasm. Gradually I started preferring thin women, and then smaller and smaller women, eventually preferring rather petite women with small features. Sex seemed somehow better with smaller women - we fit together better. Vagina’s were tighter. I married a petite woman.

Thinking back on the 30 or some women I’ve had sustained sex, I was mostly concerned with my own orgasm, but allowed time enough for a woman to get herself off before I came. However she wished, I encouraged it. Some women rubbed their pubic regions against mine, while others used their hands to help out, yet others preferred that I use my tongue. Others just faked it and then used a vibrator later. Some women just lay there with little movement or enthusiasm, waiting for me to finish.

Women sometimes told me it was “amazing”, or ” wow, I’m, tired out” but I sensed that it was not “great”.

My longest lasting relationships were with small women. Or larger women who kept my tongue parked on the clitoris.

I never quite understood. But I just had an “AHA!” moment. I realized that my 4 1/2 inch girth can explain much.

My self image was shattered. I realized that my girth was not even average for a Caucasian man, much less enough to satisfy the average woman.

So, here I am to try this experiment in PE. Why? At my age? Well, I guess its for the same reason that I go to the gym and lift weights. Or try to eat healthy. I’d like to improve myself. I’d like to look in the mirror and be proud.

And I’d like to have sex again.

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Welcome, Stroke!

We’re all here to get bigger, for whatever reason, but I think a lot of guys underrate their size and overstate the importance of size. I’m not much thicker than you (somewhere between 4.625” and 4.875”), but I’ve never felt that my girth was lacking. (I don’t think the gap between us is enough to make a difference.) It was only after doing some research that I realized I was on the lower side of average, in terms of girth. (As luck would have it, my length, which I was more concerned about, turned out to be on the high end of average. Lol) All the women I’ve been with seemed pretty well pleased, some dramatically so. I’m certain few, if any, had a problem with my size. I’ve only had one woman I felt had a large vagina. We had a long-term relationship, years ago. She loved my sex and was quite in love with me. She came in every way I cared to please her. I would consider her a fairly big woman, about 5’8” or slightly taller. (I’m a little shorter than her.) Every other woman I’ve ever slept with seemed about the same as far as width is concerned, except for a couple who were extremely tight.

You say that, looking back on your sexual experiences, you realize you were more concerned about your own orgasm. I think that’s a real clue to what’s happening here. My guess is that, if you have any concern about making women feel better with you, you should probably focus more on conveying enthusiasm. I could be wrong, but the impression I get is that your outlook is to get their orgasm “out of the way,” so you can get yours. I’m afraid that mentality is channeled to them. You might just be going through the motions. You ever have a woman suck you off and feel like she’s just doing it to please you? By contrast, have you ever had a woman make you feel like there’s no other place she’d rather be than blowing you? Same action, different effect. Human beings can sense these things. I have a feeling, if you change your attitude, it’ll go a longer way towards better sex than another inch in the girth department. Just my two cents.

Welcome to the club, strokedaily. Hopefully, you’ll find that you enjoy your time here. Good luck!

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Hey Strokedaily, I am have roughly the same girth and have a similar experience with women as you.

I have been on Thunders since 2011 as a lurker and I have seen that the support and information from this community can help you get what you want to accomplish.

Good luck with your gains and goals!

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Goal: 7 1/2 x 6in

Hind-site has 20/20 vision.

With what I know now, if I could go back 40 or 50 years, I’d probably make some major changes.


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