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Lessons From the Tortoise - Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Lessons From the Tortoise - Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I’ve been at PE now for 7 months. While my little story doesn’t match some of the tales of persistence that abound here, I wanted to share it.

I first hit PE hard in July, starting with the newbie routine and moving on into some more advanced manual regimens pretty quickly. I have to admit that I was a little discourgaged when I saw no real result within the first couple of months. I started wondering if I needed more extreme measures and started to look at hanging, pumping, etc.

But then came the end of the third month and I realized I had ganied a 1/8’ in length and 1/8” in girth. The next month was the same thing. Though the girth mesaurement stabilized a bit at that point, I continued on a run of 5 consecutive months of 1/8” length increases. Individually these don’t seem like much, but the fact is I now have a solid 7 3/4” and, at this modest rate, I am only two months away from 8’.

Out of necessity, I have adopted a stripped back PE regimen. I basically alternate stretching days with jelqing days. I will clamp when I have some free time in the evening. I work out six days a week, wiht Xunday off.

The stretching routine is also barebones with three sets each of the following:

3 min BTC
1 min pull left
1 min pull right
1 min V stretch

On the jelq days I go 15 = 25 minutes, depending on my mood and distractions.

Anyway, I think they moral of this is to keep at it. Don’t worry about making immediate or ennormous gains. Take each little bit as it comes, part of a cumulative process.

Thank you thenatural,

Your post is very encouraging, I am on the second month of PE with no erect gains (much better flacid though) so I started thinking it might not work for me.

Keep it posted. I wonder if you will grow the same constant rate.

On stretching day, you only do 6 mins of stretching?

If it works for him, it works for him. With the gains he’s getting, by all means continue what you’re doing. You’re lucky if 6 minuntes is all you need. (I ain’t talking just about PE if you know what I mean. ;) )

Originally Posted by seyz

On stretching day, you only do 6 mins of stretching?

No, it is three sets of these - so 18 minutes. Not a long time by any means, but it seems to be working.

Yeah, I only stretch for 15 mins too. I thought it was only 6 lol.

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