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Less than par flaccid hang

Less than par flaccid hang

My EL is decent for me for now, but my Flacid Length sucks and it doesn’t hang at all usually…it just pops straight out…what’s up with that? Does anyone have any tips for how I can change that. I’m assuming that I just need to lengthen it more to give it more weight. I have been trying to do a little bit of those “behind the butt” pull thangs. Without the hang it looks practically 2 inches shorter and I’ll be damned if I walk naked in front of anyone with a flacid penis. Any tips??

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I’ll be subscribing to this thread, same problem.

(2007-12-29): 5.25" x 4.25" (BPEL x EG)

(2008-03-30): 5.5" x 4.25" (BPEL x EG)

Gains: 0.25" x 0"

Sounds liek over training to me, or too much intensity.

`Start: 5"NBPEL, 6"BPEL, 4.5"EG

`Current: 5"NBPEL, 6"BPEL, 4.5"EG

So far a few fractions of inch increase on base erect girth.

kc, do some searches on turtling. Here is a link to give you some search term ideas.

Mr. Turtle

Jelqs should aid.

Okay…I’m only in my 6th week of PE and I’ve been wet jelqing, kegaling, and fowfers. I know it may be a little early, but what do you vets. think about me hanging? I’ve heard it’s great and I think it would help my situation. I also don’t know exactly how to go about it-can someone also explain to me how to hang:-]

It's how the big boys roll so that's how I wanna do it!

I found right when i started PE my flaccid hang was much better. When i know I’m going out like the weekends ill do a few jelqs or light Ulis to fatten him up in case he makes an appearance.

Piss pulls also help. May be a little to intense PE session if your turtleing afterwards.

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Regarding hanging. All the videos show the dam hanger already there (like it’s normal household item), what is it? do I make it or do i buy it? Can someone help me on this subject—maybe they’re is a link I haven’t found that explains strictly about the Hanger and not just how to put it on.

It's how the big boys roll so that's how I wanna do it!

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