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Less or More - which gave better gains?

Less or More - which gave better gains?

I was reading a thread (I’ve been jelqing for more than 6 months. This is what I have learned.) about a member called ‘newbie’ and he was advocating that erect jelqing was bad. He claimed he had better gains (1” length / .75” girth in one month) from doing a ‘one day on, one off’ routine and every ‘on’ day he only jelqed about 10-20 min.

So people of Thunders Place, which worked better for you?:

1) High (>70%) or low (~40-70%) erections while jelqing?

2) Did you notice that the gains came quicker from doing it one way compared to the other?

3) How many rest days do you take a week?

Have fun, and read the thread; i posted the link. very interesting debate


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Boy oh boy, it is different for every individual.

At the beginning I did not do more than 20 minutes of jelqing had great gains with the Newbie Routine but eventually that petered out and I had to change programs.

Changing my program every 6-8 weeks seems to work for me.

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In my experience; low % jelqing may do it for some people, but for me it didn’t do anything at all. However, for the last 2 weeks I have been doing high % jelqs and i can tell you right now that my girth has shot up, way, way up. But i also follow this up with Ulis, horse’s and squeezes.

As the saying goes, “To each their own”. I would NOT recommend high % jelqing to newbies or any of the other techniques I mentioned.

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I currently use high erection jelqs, about 80%+. I used both high and low erection jelqs and both have given me pretty decent length gains. But high erection jelqs have gotten me girth gains much faster than lower ones. I take 2-3 days off per week depending on how beat my dick is.

You see, the thing with PE is what works for one will not work for all. What works for me is high erection jelqs. What didnt work for newbie was high erection jelqs. It might be bad but tell that to my persistent gains.

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For me <40 % (less than 40) , I think it depends a great deal on duration,
Such as at least 20 to 30 min 5 days a week, relative to the individuals variables.

Do the low jelqs until it stops working, (give it at least 2 months)

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I do high levels. My goal is to get the cock expanded to it’s greatest possible state while PE’ing. Obviously you can do this better at higher levels. I guess it all depends on your cock’s reaction. But I would keep that in mind, “how can I get my dick expanded to the highest level possible?”

And do that EQ level of jelqing.

I have found 70-80% to be best for me. After about six months, the lower percentage jelqs just weren’t doing it for me anymore. My routine has consisted of only jelqing the last couple of months, and I have gained 1/4” length and a tiny bit of girth from the higher-erect jelqs.

There has been another unexpected gain from my current routine. My BPFSL was stuck at 7 3/8” for a long time. I checked it a couple of weeks ago, it measured 7 3/4”. Checked it for two more days after that, and got it both days. The constant jelqing seems to add up over time. It’s more effective on me than manual stretching is.

I try to do the routine every morning and night. I skip enough sessions so it probably averages one session per day when it is spread out, but no set pattern. EQ’s have been 9.9 too. I’m sold on this routine for now.

If you’re coming off a long layoff, I’d stick to a lower intensity level for a couple of weeks (maybe 40-50%).

I’d say definitely start off on a low percentage. I didn’t and I gained some what but my member also took a huge beating which mostly showed up as losses in EQ. I re-worked my routine to every other day jelqing and stretching, on the other days I stretch twice a day, and twice a week I have two days of nothing, with one day of jelqing and stretching in between those two days. I do a more intense session before this lighter 3 day period.

The trick is to put as much work in with out over doing it. So focusing on stretching which isn’t nearly as harsh on the unit is a good way of getting some initial gains and having enough rest days is important.

Every ones right though, to each his own. Basically your going to have to be patient and if your not gaining use PI indicators to figure out if it’s because your doing too much or too little. If you start doing more and still don’t gain and your PI’s diminish, try doing a little less. When you hit the money spot stick with it until you start to level off, then mix it up again.

80-90% erection Jelqs for me. Lower do nothing for me.

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