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Less is more, make it straight

Less is more, make it straight

I’ve been reading a bunch of old and new post on Thunder and I can’t find an answer. A lot of people say that you should jelq around 200 per day (3 sec) while others say only do 50-60 (5-8 seconds). For the newbie routine.

I really want to steady myself and get steady gains. I don’t want to jump head into it and get .5 inch in 1 month, and never see another cm of gain again.

I really do think that doing 50-60 jelqs a day is much better then 200 per day. I a major fitness buff and I’m applying muscle rules to PEing. To gain muscle mass (a.k.a penis length), you should do lower reps with higher intensely. (Similar to PEing)

Also, I know your not suppose to clamp when you first start, but I really think it can have some short benefits.

For example: After I jelq, I put on a clamp for less then 1 minute. I kegel about 50 times and then take it off. I’m just trying to push more blood into my penis after my jelq routine. I’m thinking it will push more blood into my dick after a barrier busting jelq workout!

By the way, since I have you here, why don’t you look at my routine! :)

2 day on 1 off

5-10-minutes warm up
7 minutes- jelq
1 minutes- clamping (that’s why I warm up longer)
5 minutes- warm down
Near 25-30 minutes a day stretching ( I do it through-out the day when I feel small)

Maybe you should check it again and do more jelqs with less time each. For muscle mass it’s higher reps lower intensity, while for muscle strength it’s lower reps higher intensity. I don’t know what muscle strength would translate into penis terms, though.

I don’t want to be an ass, but that is very wrong

Less intensity and more reps = toner

Muscle mass and strength come close to hand in hand. For major muscle strength it’s said for you to do 3-5 reps (very high intensity) while muscle mass it’s around 8-12 reps. (Moderate intensity) But less intensity and more rep isn’t correct.

You’re moving fluid with jelqs not building muscle. You can’t use weight training logic here.

There should be no confusion about the Newbie Routine. It’s spelled out right here: Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine. It says 200 jelqs of 3 seconds duration. The Newbie has been shown to provide gains to many of our new members. Just follow the directions.

Clamping is an advanced technique. Until you’ve done the Newbie for several (like six) weeks, your penis isn’t conditioned enough for advanced stuff.

Why do you new guys want to rush things? Proven techniques with a measured pace result in gains. Don’t try to rush ahead and create your own program. You’re just asking for trouble and will soon be posting in the Injuries forum.

Other thing that doesn’t apply is:

Much of hte length gain theory is related to the “stretching of tissues”, look up “traction” and “ligament and tissue elongation”…

Follow Westla’s advice, take it slow and follow the newbie routine to a tee. And Codeevil1000 is exactly right.

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Currently 5.9 x 5.5 erect Length,Girth and going !

I prefer a slow jelq speed. Three second jelqs are when I’m burning through them, while 5-8 and sometimes beyond are preferable. It seems to result in less bruising and results in somewhat larger engorgement by the conclusion of the PE session.


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