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"Less is more"/Help with gains

"Less is more"/Help with gains

I have been PEing for the past year and I have seen no good results. I have just recently found out that “less is more” for me. Doing 200 jelqs for the newbie routine is overtraining for me. I have marked it down to 85-100 jelqs and I have seen some improvement with PIs and flaccid length. I have introduced kegels into my routine so I have noticed that my erections are more harder. For the past 2 weeks I have done a routine that involves warming up, stretches and cool downs, all these include the 85-100 slow jelqs. I have been trying to include fowfers into my routine, but I’m not sure when to do them. I PE on Sun-Mon, Wed-Thur. The other days are for rest. Has anyone else had a “less is more” situation? How should I know when to increase the number of jelqs?

Just watch your P.I.s.

Increase in comfortable amounts. If you are doing 85-100 slow jelqs right now, keep doing that. Measure yourself every 2-3 weeks. If you see no gains in that time, then up the jelqs to 125-130 slow jelqs. There is a thread around here somewhere about a “Big Gainer.” He started out with 50 or so jelqs and 5 minutes of stretching and every 3 weeks or so, he upped these numbers by 2-3 minutes each until he was approaching 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 hours in the evening. He had super gains, if you choose to believe the story. I know I do, 100%.

Slow, steady, and methodical increases are probably the way to go. I think the trouble is being patient enough when your growth zone might not come until the 250-300 mark. But, in your case (200 jelqs giving you bad P.I.s), you might find that 100-150 is your perfect zone.

Kevin12 made excellent gains doing 75-100 jelqs.
I think EquineRooster’s was in the 180-250 range.

Hope this helps :)

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