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Less intense orgasms?

Less intense orgasms?

Anyone else noticed this? My erection quality has definitely improved, sensitivity is probably the same but my orgasms these days seem ‘meh’… Could this be because of kegels/PE (Newb routine)? I haven’t done anything extreme.

My orgasms did just the opposite. Try edging if you aren’t already.

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Icandothis, your orgasm issue is likely not related to your PE efforts. You said you feel no different really. I think most of us feel improved sensitivity, and more intense orgasms from our workouts. Could your issue be stress related in some way?

I have had both issues. At first my O’s got way better, now they are way less explosive. Not really sure why. However, when they did get better I was doing a lot of kegels. Now, not so much. So maybe I have to get back to doing them on a more consistent basis.

Ive been doing less kegels recently aswell.

Originally Posted by ICANdothis
Ive been doing less kegels recently aswell.

Maybe we should both start kegaling again and report back. I basically have not been doing them at all.

You’re totally right ICANdothis.. Atleast in my own experience. I also had the same problem before. I used to do a lot of kegels on a daily basis and I noticed that my orgasms became weaker and weaker each days that passed until it came to the point that I no longer enjoy cumming. The worse is.. My load started to dribble out. Before

I can always shoot like several feet away. It totally made me so depressed. What I did was to stop kegeling and now everything is back to normal. The orgasms are back to how strong and powerful they were before. And thebest part is.. I can shoot for the stars again.. Wooohooo. Haha. I guess kegels do not work for everyone. Mi suggest that you stop it and observe if there would be any difference in like 3 weeks. If not.. Then I’m afraid something else might be causing it. Hope this post helps. Good luck dude!

Kegel should improve orgasms…unless you are over doing them, then they will weaken it.

Remember, kegels are exercising a relatively small muscle, and you can over do it. Try doing 200 push ups everyday for a couple weeks. GUARANTEED you will have very sore shoulder joints and be weaker if you do (unless you have unreal recovery).

More is not always better (unless we are talking oral sex :) ), so just cut your kegels down to 3 times a week and I can almost guarantee your orgasms will return to normal, then better than normal if you dial in your exercise to rest ratio for your kegels. AND if you aren’t doing them, start doing them 3 times a week.

Kegels DO work for everyone, you just need to find out the right amount for YOU!

Yeah true sparky I overdid kegels at one point and my EQ was affected, just laid off and it came back.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

To further the overdoing it idea…I would have to imagine extreme edging, or masturbating for long periods of time before cumming could overdo things also? Am I right on this one guys?

Originally Posted by hopeful2hanglow
To further the overdoing it idea…I would have to imagine extreme edging, or masturbating for long periods of time before cumming could overdo things also? Am I right on this one guys?

Usually that doesn’t exhaust the BC or PC muscles. Usually if you edge for a couple hours before you cum, its pretty intense when you do.

What CAN happen is you can deaden the sensation from all that friction and stimulation, but it shouldn’t decrease orgasm intensity…just make it harder to cum if you lose sensation.

Thanks Sparkyx, thats good to know.

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