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Less frequent erections.

Less frequent erections.

I’ve noticed that I never get erections without wanting to have one lately. I’m still able to get them WHEN I want to, like masturbating or something. But my erection quality is getting worse lately. I’m always ripping my skin when jelqing, So I barely jelq.. Most of my PEing is from stretching.. 10 minutes a day every day except Sunday’s. So I don’t see what the issue is.. I know people are going to suggest I take some days off, but how much would that effect my gains? Tomorrow will be the 3rd month of PE. Also, I noticed I don’t have erections when I wake up either(And I don’t really remember having them before PEing either, really.) I’ve paid attention to all my PI’s and everything seems fine.. Just less frequent erections. And if you need to know, I’m 18.

I had noticed I never got erections when I woke up either. But then one night I woke up to go to the toilet and there it was :) I think I do get morning wood but it happens when I sleep and dies off around wakey wakey time. Just thought I’d let you know you might be getting them but don’t notice because you are asleep.

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Shiby916 I think you might be confusing that for a piss hard. When I wake up needing to really pee I usually have an erection until I pee and then it dies off. I could be wrong but yea.

As far as the jelqs, do wet jelqs and if your going to do dry jelqs move the skin with the shaft dont keep rubbing your hands against your wang. And if you mean ripping as it wont stretch far enough to do a dry jelq to get to the glans then again try some wet jelqs if you can. I do 2 on and 1 off then 3 on and 1 off as less seems to be more and when i take rest days that seems to be when I can actaully measure gains some time afterwards instead of just keep going with PE.


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Originally Posted by Newby101

Shiby916 I think you might be confusing that for a piss hard.

If you can get an erection, no matter what the cause, isn’t that the thing you’re looking for?

I could not find your routine here, could you be over training? You said you never got morning wood now and even before PE. The thing is some people get night wood in the deepest sleep REM sleep and when you wake up the erection is gone I doubt you are not getting night wood. You might just be a real heavy sleeper who wakes after night wood is gone. If this is not the case maybe get checked out by a doc to relieve any concerns. Have you tried wet jelqs with lotion it will sooth the skin and keep it from getting injured.

I lost some erection quality and night wood when I first started PE it came back stronger and better before after several weeks. I am 29 and have a bigger stronger erection than I ever had in my teens. I wish you the best man hang in there.

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