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Length then Girth

Length then Girth

Hi, I am a newbie. Trying to do all the right things, reading, learning, taking it slow, etc. I have been PEing for about 45 days and through the progression of routines I have seen some good gains BPEL 6.85 increased to 7.5 inches. Over the past two weeks I have been intensifying my routine to involve more stretching and girth focus. As a consequence over the past two weeks I have gained to reach BPEL of 7.75. However my girth has stayed about the same.
My thoughts are a) with that much length increase it is pretty hard to gain in girth, that will come next or b) my girth exercises are not being done effectively as stretching (I am mainly focused on Horse 440 and squeezes)

Any thoughts? Thanks

I would also like to know more about concentrating solely on girth exercises after length gains. Is it better to do length exercises until you reach your desired length, and then go on to concentrate on girth?

YOu’ve gained nearly an inch in 45 days! That’s sweet! Are you jelqing at all?


I would like to know more about a claim of almost an inch in a little more than a month.

Not to say it’s impossible, I’m just equally skeptical about everything.

Those are amazing length gains in that time period! You must have a very high LOT. If you click the link at the bottom of this page to go to the PE data site and study some of the data you will notice that girth gains, for most, seem to be harder to come by. Also, its not uncommon for people on this forum to gain an inch of length but considerably less girth. Some of the truly big girth gainers have been doing PE for long periods of time.

According the Ansel ( Lifestyles Condoms ) study, the average penis girth is around 4.9 inches . If memory serves, there was also standard deviation of about .50 of an inch in girth. The standard deviation for length was about .89 inches. Thus, a gain in half an inch of girth would put the average guy into a new statistical classification. Many of the truly fast gainers ( like yourself ) on this site have gained length by lig stretching. Since girth gains come from working the tunica it stands to reason that for most of us it would take longer to gain girth. I really didn’t notice much in girth gains until I began ULIs and Horse Squeezes then after a month or two change began to slowly occur. A modest gain in girth has a major affect on your total volume measurement though, so don’t be too discouraged if girth gains come more slowly then expected.

Sorry to mislead or at least miss state. I personally don’t think I really gained that much length either. That was my starting measurement, but I think I was still learning how to measure in a consistent fashion, so it wasn’t exactly BP. So to be more conservative I was starting at 7.1. I am still very happy with the the 1/2 of more inch gains though.

Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
YOu’ve gained nearly an inch in 45 days! That’s sweet! Are you jelqing at all?

Sorry I missed this in my reply. My routine has worked up in the last two weeks to

5-10 of stretching in morning

At lunch
5-10 minutes of stretching
5 minutes jelq (underhand)
2 minutes Horse 440
5 minutes jelq (overhand)
2 minute Horse
(All minutes are approximate base on how I feel on a given day - I do 3 days on 1 day rest. Usually 1 day back a little more time “Horsing”, 2 day is usually the best day time wise, while 3 day I cut down everything because I feel like I will get sore and it is time to rest)

I also take 2000 MG of arginine which really seems to work well with me.

Almost 3/4 of an inch in a month and a half! That’s still awesome, bro. Stick to what seems to be working for you and then some. If the gains seem to slow or stop in a few months, continue doing the same thing for a few months after. Then, think about changing up the routine for more gains, IMO.

Good luck with that.

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