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Length Stretches

Length Stretches

I recently read up on the TGC theory but I would like to know what exercises I now need for my ligaments to be exerted enough to where I should proceed to stretching my tunica.

-What are the best ligament stretches?
-Should I concentrate on stretching more because I want the length gains first before the girth?

Also what if my problem is with my smooth muscle instead of my tunica because my erections or about a 7 or 8 on the scale. It says I should focus on girth exercises but that’s not what I want to gain. I want more length! What should I do?

What is “TGC”?



Haha, it’s called theory for a reason. You can religiously follow it, sure, but -
See what works for you first, then come back to it if it ain’t working.

So if you want length, then.. Go for length! :)

Stats measured from 15/9/08: *bpel: 5.75" *Eg: 4.5"

Current: *bpel: 5.75" *Eg: 4.75"

Long term goal: *7x6!* - You know, if you really want to please a healthy woman, all you need is love, honestly. But hey, why not have a big **** too?

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