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Length, not girth

Length, not girth

So I am completely new to PE, though I have read many of the threads and information on this website (which has been very helpful by the way). I attempted my first workout last night, the Newbie Routine, except I didn’t jelq due to a lack of lube and a desire to gain only length at this time. I replaced the jelq with 3 reps of 30 second BTC stretches, following the normal stretching for 5 min. My first question is, is my BTC switch a good replacement for the jelq if I only want length, or should I substitute a different type of stretch?

My second question is, what can I do to help my grip: I used the overhand ok grip one inch below the head (underhand felt uncomfortable to me), which seems simple enough, but during a stretch my hand always tends to slide up until pressure is focusing on the middle of my head, which results in notable discoloration on the top half of the head following the workout. I tried a grip aid such as a shirt, but I still felt pressure on the head, with my hand sliding up and somehow latching onto the part of the head where it starts narrowing (which makes no sense really). Part of this could be the fact that I have a fairly small head, but I’m sure there’s still some way to get a safe grip so that I can perform my workouts knowing I’m not crushing nerve cells in my glans.

Baby powder should work. I would still advise on jelqing. It’s like cardio for your dick.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll start using baby powder and see how it works. I will start jelqing, but if my primary focus is still length, should I just put in a couple extra minutes into the stretching portion?

Baby powder works but mostly you just unconsciously get better at gripping. I don’t know why, but for some reason I can grip much much better now than could in beginning. It didn’t take very long. Just be patient and I think you’ll find slippage problem just sorta automagically go away.

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