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Length, jelqing

Length, jelqing

Hi all,

I’m new here, my name is James

About Jelqing

Wet jelqing is for length right? (And girth as-well, but most for length?)

If jelqing is it also good if you begin a new rep, that you don’t hold behind the head/glans ?
So 1 rep until you reach the glans and then let your dick go and then you begin with a new rep? Or is it really necessary to hold your hand behind the glans when you begin the new rep?

How do you preform jelqing for the length?

Thanks all

Hi James, welcome to the forum :)

Wet jelqing is for both length and girth, depending. To target girth gain, most tend to jelq with a higher level of erection(around 70-80% erection seems to be the average). To target more of a length gain, the standard is usually jelqing at lower erection levels(around 30% give or take).

You don’t have to hold behind the glans with one hand while you perform a rep with the other. At least, I don’t. But to each his own.

As far as how “I” perform a jelq for length… While my unit is “plump”(30% erect, give or take), using baby oil with vitamin C, I use an over hand grip at the base(bone pressed grip), and I ‘milk’ my penis moving upward with my grip, keeping just enough pressure to force the blood up toward the glans while pulling/stretching at the same time. When I get to just below the glans, I pause and hold in a stretch. Keep in mind that the whole rep is pretty mild. I go by feel. No pain should be felt at all. I don’t baby my unit, nor do I beat it to death. At the end of my jelqing session, my unit feels ‘worked’. Very nice feeling indeed :) .

Exercise caution when determining how tight your grip is, especially if you are new to this. You don’t want to injure yourself as I have read of others doing so before. Start out light, then gradually increase your intensity as your dick becomes accustomed to the exercises.

I would suggest starting with the newbie routine.

Just my 2 cents ;) .

Good luck!


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