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Length inhibiting girth gains?


Ofcourse i see expansion but its minimal in the shaft, huge in the head. Usually my penis shaft is thick and plump after the work out but goes away shortly after.

Originally Posted by ICANdothis
Another way of looking at it is that youre penis will need more time and pressure to create more “tissue” and to expand more tissue. Also more rest will be needed.

I don’t think the difference in time or pressure would be much. We’re not talking about creating tissue while exercising. We’re talking about moving blood. Needless to say, there’s more than enough blood in our bodies to handle anything we might be using in our unit’s. The only increase in time I could see would be the need for longer duration jelqs. Which really wouldn’t amount to that much.

Gaining girth is not like gaining length. To my knowledge it’s a completely different tissue. Ligs vs tunica. I don’t even think it’s been proven that more girth makes it harder to gain length. Either way it’s extremely hard to say for sure whether gaining one makes it harder to gain in the other or not.

I also don’t think the rest needed would be any noticeable amount longer either. Unless of course you are causing more than normal fatigue. We’re only talking about a small area in reference to the rest of our bodies. The difference in area that we’re talking about isn’t much for a part of our body that has as much blood flowing through it as it does.

Of course, this is all guesswork. I would end by guessing that girth is hard enough to gain that any difference in difficulty due to increased length would probably be easily overlooked. Otherwise I think we would have been hearing claims about it being a problem. As it is the vast majority of Thunder’s members only get about 1/4” girth over the course of their PE careers (at least, of the people logging their progress in the Thunder PE data).

Originally Posted by Invisible
Are you sure about the cylinder size? According to, the 1.5” diameter tube is the appropriate one.

It depends on what you want to use the cylinder for. If you want girth then you must allow the penis to expand laterally. And too tight a cylinder will cause lymph swelling and discolouration

A tighter tube would tend to assist length rather than girth as the blood vessels would be stretched along the length of the tube, whereas a wider tube would allow the vessels to be stretched sideways more.

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