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Length Gains

I will be giving this routine a go as soon as I do not see length gains from my current routine. I already do the different angle stretches but don’t stretch between jelqs which I find interesting.

Pre PE: 5/8/04 BPEL 6.25" EG 5"

Goal: BPEL 7.5" EG 5.5"

Routine, Pics

Interesting routine firegoat.. I will try this stretch- jelq routine because my gains have slowed down a bit and feels hard right now to get, and I must change things up..

I will give this idea a good try with heat all the way.. my girth is over 6” so I think heat is very important for me thru the session..

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

I have done my main focus on down stretches 4 months now and have gained..

Do you think it will do good to switch my stretching and focus on upward stretches (60%) instead of downward.. to trigger gains again?
It feel like it have stopped and hard to gain right now..


Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

Isn’t it curious how a thread can get an independent momentum in TP’s?
The OP made 2 posts back in 2008.. that was all!

Since then, once a year the thread gets reactivated.
Like a volcano spitting a bit of magma and then going back to sleep.

I’d call it a “Grandpa sleeps in the balcony and murmurs sometimes something”-thread.

Sorry to bump, but the observation suddenly jumped into my eyes.

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Did the people that tried this approach have gains? Length or girth?

What would be a good girth routine?

Originally Posted by David_vera01

What would be a good girth routine?



Start (october 2010) : BPEL 18,5 cm ; EL 17,5 cm ; MSEG 13,75 cm ,BEG 14,25 cm ;FL 12 cm ; FG 10,75 cm ; BPFSL 18,5 cm

3 months later ( January 2011) : BPEL 19 cm ; EL 18 cm ; MSEG 14 cm ; BEG 14,5 cm FL (hard to say if it grows due to size shifting of the soft state.. The same as before or bigger!) ; FG 11 cm ; BPFSL 19 cm***all hard sizes taken @ my hardest and doing a kegel***Goal: cementing a round 18 x 14 hard coupled with a good EQ.


Did anybody try Firegoats routine for a longer period?

It is one of the best posts I ever read and will probably try the routine when I finish my current one.
The post deserves a thread of its own.

So once again reactivated;)

" PE is a helluva drug. "

If you try it, please update your results, so many people say they will report back and die along the way :)

That sounds like a good routine. I use a heating pad to warm it. Is that ok or do you want hot water to soak into the penis.

Dead thread.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Originally Posted by kenadams5
Hi all,

This is my first post on here, and I’m asking for any help and advice.

I’ve been following the Newbie Routine for just over 2 months now, and have seen some good gains in Girth, but not much in length.

Currently I measure 6.5” erect with a 5.5” girth.

My girth has improved very quickly with this routine, but my length has hardly changed.

My current routine is

5min Hot wrap
20 30sec basic stretches, followed by 4 rotary stretches
100 jelqs 50 jelq squeeze 50 normal jelqs holding for a little longer near the glans
5min hot wrap
Kegels throughout the day

What modifications can I make to increase my length gains, and also my head size gains. I’m quite happy with my girth at the moment.

Many thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions


Stretch jelq microtears forwards afterwards. Way later on down the road you can pump with an a thin cylinder(so vacuum pulls penis forward since it’d be the only way to go) and jelq with both hands(as in clamp the hand you jelq with by the thumb). I’m 4 years in and its still too intense for me ha. Also way later on down the road there’s hanging. Extending after jelq sessions is good too.

BPEL: 8.35"/ NBPEL:7.0" /EG: Apprx. 5.5"

Why haven’t I seen this before… this had very awesome info in it…

NBPEL 6.5 X EG 5.80

Always open to the best way to get that length!

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Need advice

I’m new the PE, and my erect penis is 4.9” length and girth is 4.5”.

I want to know how to gain girth at the base of my penis, because is kind of a baseball bait shape.

I don’t have so much time on Tuesday an Friday, so my PE days are Saturday-Sunday (on), Monday (off), Tuesday-Wednesday(on), Thursday-Friday(off), what do you recommend? 24 hours rest or 48 hours rest??

And every time I’m doing the jelqs my penis get erect, so I have to wait a little bit to start again the jelqs. What I’m doing wrong? Is normal to get erect at 90%-100% doing the jelqs? I’m trying to gain length so I star with my penis at 60%.

Thanks Firegoat for all that good advice’s.


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